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Pushing packages to packagecloud

packagecloud is a hosted package repository service. It allows users to host apt, yum and rubygem repositories without any pre-configuration.

Pushing Packages

To push packages to packagecloud from CircleCI you must:

  • Set an environment variable named PACKAGECLOUD_TOKEN on the Project settings > Environment variables page. The value must match your packagecloud API access token. Visit your API token settings page on packagecloud to get your API token.
  • Create a circle.yml file which installs the package_cloud gem and pushes the package to the OS and version of your choice. For more info on your API access token, please refer to the API Tokens section in API docs.
    - gem install package_cloud

    branch: master
      - package_cloud push user/repo/os/version ./path/to/package.ext

For more information on pushing packages to packagecloud, please visit