Single-Box Install

CircleCI Enterprise is a scalable CI/CD tool that supports clusters of tens or hundreds of build machines. However, it is often useful in trials and small installations to run the whole system on a single VM. See the instructions for your installation environment below.


The single-box installation is designed to be as easy as possible to install in any environment. There are just a few firm requirements:

  • You must use or GitHub Enterprise for version control, and the CircleCI Enterprise machine and the GitHub machines must be able to reach each other on the network.
  • The machine running CircleCI Enterprise must have outbound internet access. (Contact us for help if you use a proxy.)


Installing CircleCI Enterprise on a single EC2 VM is extremely quick and easy with our pre-made AMI.

SECURITY NOTE: All builds that run on this machine will have access to the IAM privileges associated with its instance profile. Please do not give any inappropriate privileges to your instance. It is possible to block this access with iptables rules in a production setup. Please contact us if you have questions.

  1. Find the AMI for your region (make sure to use an instance type with at least 8G of RAM):
  2. Make sure that ports 22,80,443, and 8800 are open when you get to the "Configure Security Group" step. You will also need to open ports 64535-65535 to let developers optionally SSH into builds.
  3. Go to the public (or private) IP address or hostname for the VM once launched and complete the rest of the guided install process. (Note: Final startup of the app can take some time as the "circleci/build-image" Docker image is downloaded.)

On Other Platforms

It is also possible to install a trial of CircleCI Enterprise on a single VM on other cloud providers, like GCE or Azure, as well as private datacenters using VMware or OpenStack.

  1. Launch a VM with at least 8GB of RAM, 100GB of disk space on the root volume, and a version of Linux that supports Docker. Ports 22 and 8800 should be open to administrators, ports 80 and 443 should be open to all users, and ports 64535-65535 need to be open for developers to optionally SSH into builds.

  2. Install Replicated, the tool used to package and distribute CircleCI Enterprise: curl | sudo bash. (Note: Make sure Docker is not using the device mapper storage driver. You can check this by running sudo docker info | grep "Storage Driver".)

  3. Visit port 8800 on the machine in a web browser and complete the guided install process.