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This page provides a collection of examples to help you learn how to build, test, and deploy applications written in the most common programming languages, frameworks, and platforms on CircleCI.

If you are new to CircleCI, we recommend going through our Quickstart Guide for getting your first successful pipeline.

For basic examples of adding pipeline jobs in a specific execution environment such as a Docker container or Linux VM, review our Hello World document.

Language guides

To get a project up and running on CircleCI, see the following quickstart guides:

We have created demo applications in various languages so you can learn by example. Each language listed below has an associated guide and public repository on GitHub.

Platform guides

Use the tutorial associated with your platform to learn about the customization that is possible in a .circleci/config.yml.

Platform guideDescription

macOS Project Tutorial

Set up a macOS project in CircleCI.

Testing iOS

Set up and test iOS projects in CircleCI.

Windows Project Tutorial

Full example of setting up a .NET project in CircleCI.

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