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Installation Overview

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The following sections provide planning information, system requirements and step-by-step instructions for installing CircleCI server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Terraform.

Refer to the What’s New page for full details of what’s new and fixed in this release.

If you are looking to update an existing installation, see our guide to Upgrading a Server Installation.

Support Packages

CircleCI server may be installed without a support package, on AWS, using the examples and instructions in this document. Alternatively, if you do decide to go ahead with a support package, there are a number of benefits, as detailed below:

Non-AWS Platform Support

With a Premium CircleCI support package, it is possible to install and configure CircleCI on Azure or any other platform used in your organization. Contact CircleCI support or your account representative to get started.


With a Premium support agreement, it is possible to improve performance and resilience by configuring the following services to run externally to the Services machine:

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • Vault

  • Rabbitmq

  • Redis

  • Nomad

Contact CircleCI support or your account representative to evaluate your installation against the current requirements for running external services.

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Our support engineers are available to help with service issues, billing, or account related questions, and can help troubleshoot build configurations. Contact our support engineers by opening a ticket.

You can also visit our support site to find support articles, community forums, and training resources.