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Updating Replicated

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Server v2.x
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To update your CircleCI server installation, see our Upgrade Guide. This guide only runs through the steps required to update Replicated, not the CircleCI application.



  1. Stop the CircleCI application by clicking the Stop Now button on the Dashboard. Application shutdown takes a few minutes. Wait for the status to become “Stopped” before continuing.

    Stop the CircleCI Application
    Figure 1. Stop the CircleCI Application

    Alternatively you can SSH into the services machine and stop the CircleCI application from the command line:

    replicatedctl app stop

    You can check the status using the followng:

    replicatedctl app status inspect

    Example Output:

            "AppID": "edd9471be0bc4ea04dfca94718ddf621",
            "Sequence": 2439,
            "State": "stopped",
            "DesiredState": "stopped",
            "Error": "",
            "IsCancellable": false,
            "IsTransitioning": false,
            "LastModifiedAt": "2018-10-23T22:00:21.314987894Z"
  2. For the replicated update to succeed, it is necessary to update docker to the recommended version, 17.12.1. Check which version you are running with docker version and if you need to update, follow these steps:

    sudo apt-get install docker-ce=17.12.1~ce-0~ubuntu
  3. Pin the Docker version using the following command:

    sudo apt-mark hold docker-ce

Perform Update

  1. Perform the Replicated update by executing the update script as follows:

    curl -sSL "" | sudo bash

    Double-check your replicated and docker versions:

    replicatedctl version    # 2.38.6
    docker -v                # 17.12.1
  2. Restart the app with

    replicatedctl app start

    The application will take a few minutes to spin up. You can check the progress in the administration dashboard or by executing;

    replicatedctl app status inspect

    Example output:

            "AppID": "edd9471be0bc4ea04dfca94718ddf621",
            "Sequence": 2439,
            "State": "started",
            "DesiredState": "started",
            "Error": "",
            "IsCancellable": true,
            "IsTransitioning": true,
            "LastModifiedAt": "2018-10-23T22:04:05.00374451Z"

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