1.0 Docs

Full documentation for CircleCI 1.0. Guides, troubleshooting and API reference.

2.0 Docs (Beta)

Documentation for CircleCI 2.0 Beta, including what's new, reference for our new configuration, and demo apps to get you started.

Enterprise Docs

Documentation specific to customers administering self-hosted, behind the firewall CircleCI Enterprise.

API Docs

API reference. Current version 1.1 includes support for CircleCI 1.0, 2.0 and Enterprise.


We welcome your feedback, questions and feature requests on our community forums - Discuss. Searching the forums is a great way to find solutions to specific issues not covered by the docs.


Engineering support is available for customers on paid plans. You can submit a ticket from within the application by clicking the question mark icon at the bottom right of the screen.