Get started by learning about the basic concepts used in CircleCI.

Document Description
Overview Overview of Continuous Integration (CI) with links to CircleCI case studies.
Using Containers An overview of containers and how to use them to increase build speed and prevent queuing.
Jobs and Steps How Jobs and Steps are used in a CircleCI 2.0 configuration.
Workflows How to configure Workflows to increase the speed of your software development through faster feedback, shorter reruns, and more efficient use of resources.
FAQ Frequently asked questions about CircleCI 2.0.


Migrate an existing 1.0 project to CircleCI 2.0.

Document Description
Migrating from 1.0 to 2.0 Migrating a 1.0 Linux project to a CircleCI 2.0 configuration.
iOS Migration Migrating a 1.0 iOS project to a CircleCI 2.0 configuration.
Using the 1.0 to 2.0 config-translation Endpoint Instructions for using the config-translation endpoint to generate an initial CircleCI 2.0 configuration from your existing CircleCI 1.0 project for a limited set of languages: Ruby, PHP, Node.js, iOS (partial: 1.0 code signing is not supported - use Fastlane instead), Java (partial).


Learn to use the basic features of CircleCI.

Document Description
Skipping a Build How to prevent CircleCI from automatically building changes.
Using Environment Variables How to use environment variables in the CircleCI app and in the config.yml file.
Using Contexts How to use Contexts to set global environment variables.
Using Insights How to view status for your repos and build performance data.
Enabling Notifications How to set or modify Slack, chat, and email notifications in the CircleCI app.
Embedding Build Status Badges How to display the status of your builds on a web page or document.
Storing Artifacts How to store build artifacts in the config.yml syntax and finding links to them in the CircleCI app.
Using the API to Trigger Jobs How to trigger Jobs with the API.
Debugging with SSH How to use SSH to debug build problems.

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