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The ability to share project environment variables has been one of our top-requested features, and is now available to all CircleCI users.

Previously, each new project required manually adding environment variables such as API keys. Now, organization admin users can do a one-time import of environment variables from other projects within an organization. This should reduce pain when setting up new projects.

Here’s how to find and import project environment variables from your build dashboard:

You can read more about environment variables and how to use them on CircleCI 1.0 here and on CircleCI 2.0 here.

Today, importing refers to a simple, one-time copy-paste function. We’re working toward iterations that would respect more permissions related to users and groups, allow for job-level changes of environment variables, and maintain an organization-level sync. If you are interested in this type of functionality, your feedback would be invaluable - please visit Discuss!