CircleCI and Vamp are joining forces

We are proud to announce that CircleCI has acquired Vamp, the first cloud-native release orchestration platform. This paves the way for CircleCI customers to have first-class release orchestration and continuous validation, all natively within the CircleCI platform.

At CircleCI, our goal is to instill confidence that the software you’re producing is ready to put in front of your customers. Now we’re thrilled to be able to extend that confidence all the way through to how that code is operating in production. By bringing Vamp into CircleCI, we will be able to provide best-in-class CI and CD, along with release orchestration and continuous validation, meaning you’ll know definitively that your code is working as intended. And for those times when it isn’t, you can easily revert back.

Keeping up with accelerating change

At CircleCI, we recognize that the world of software development has evolved, and we are evolving right along with it. Agile approaches and smaller units of change, as well as shared libraries and microservices, have led to much greater complexity to manage in both pre-production and production environments.

With apps being built on stacks of third party services and platforms that themselves are being continuously updated, production is a moving target, impossible to replicate. The old adage about never being able to step in the same river twice? That’s your modern production environment.

This means that being able to continuously validate your code is more important than ever. And as the largest shared CI platform today, we are in the ideal position to bring true continuous validation to market.

“The addition of Vamp to the platform broadens CircleCI’s surface area in the software delivery supply chain and brings CircleCI closer to the ultimate software end-user. This further cements CircleCI as the leading cloud CI/CD platform available today,” Cack Wilhelm, partner, IVP.

The future of DevOps

For many software teams today, if there’s a problem happening in production, the development team doesn’t have access to reliable information about what broke the build, why, and where to begin fixing it. This is a really big problem that affects not just the delivery pipeline of these businesses, but their bottom line as well. In fact, a recent study by McKinsey found that organizations who prioritized best-in-class tooling for their development teams were 65% more innovative and saw 60% higher shareholder returns than their peers.

Superior developer tooling – which enables greater productivity, visibility, and coordination – is crucial to any business looking win on software today. And with the acquisition of Vamp, CircleCI is building a platform that will be unmatched in its ability to enable high performance DevOps for software companies of all types and sizes.

Which means you can go from built to shipped faster and with more control.

What’s next?

We are beyond thrilled about adding Vamp to our team, and the ways in which it will enable us to offer stronger, more flexible support to the world’s software teams. As part of this acquisition, all of Vamp’s employees will be joining the CircleCI team. As Vamp is based in the Netherlands, this also expands our geographic footprint and fuels our European expansion with the formation of our new Dutch entity, CircleCI Netherlands B.V. Vamp customers can continue to use the product while we work to integrate Vamp with CircleCI.

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