• A preview of pipelines


    TL;DR: Today we are changing our project setting called “Build Processing” to “Pipelines.” If you want to know why, read on. If not, nothing about this will affect you for a while, so you can stop here.

    The change to “pipelines” begins our process of moving all projects over to having this setting on by default. This is the first of several changes we’ll be making to roll out the concept of pipelines throughout our platform. The vast majority of users should not notice any change because of today’s update, but we wanted to share more detail on what we are doing, and why, so you have more context on things that will be coming in the future.

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  • We’re growing CircleCI’s engineering teams in Europe; join us!


    At CircleCI, we’ve always been committed to hiring the best people where we find them. From the start, we’ve been a distributed engineering team and we pride ourselves on continuing to be globally distributed. Our engineers are now spread between San Francisco and Tokyo, across 4 continents, and with three oceans and 17 hours time difference between them. We’re planning to grow our engineering organization even further this year, and decided to focus a large part of our expansion in one region specifically: Europe.

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  • Expanding the CircleCI ecosystem: Orbs and the Technology Partner Program


    At CircleCI we have been a pillar of DevOps since its inception, dedicating ourselves to redefining efficiency in software delivery, and engaging with many of the world’s most effective software organizations. As we’ve watched our industry grow and evolve, we’ve remained committed to our mission of helping the world’s best software organizations improve the way they build, test, and deploy software. Today represents a big step forward in that mission, as we open our platform to partners and community contributors in a first-class way.

    Today I am pleased to announce our new Technology Partner Program. With the launch of our partner program, CircleCI is no longer just the preferred DevOps tool of thousands of top engineering organizations, but is now an open platform ready for partners, teams, and developers the world over to build upon.

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