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Jacob Schmitt

Jacob Schmitt

Senior Technical Content Marketing Manager

Stylized DORA metrics graphics flank a monitor showing DevOps success.
Assorted symbols for timeliness, correctness, savings, and testing.
A stylized code screen circled by graphic and coding-related elements.
DevOps engineer under an arch made of software development icons and images.
A pyramid supports a cube made up of stylized software elements.
A self-contained set of elements compared with the same elements organized into separate micro-groups.
Two sets of stylized development components flank a laptop computer.
Stylized mechanics send a flow of data to an electronic brain.
A computer screen overlaid on a grid background shows an abstract configuration file containing a gear icon.
Various blue and green shipping containers stacked in a 3x3 grid, each has a docker logo on the side.
Three dotted blue lines point up toward a series of clouds against a dark background
A group of engineers stand around a large machine flipping switches
A stylized web application, placed at the center of a grid, is randomly surrounded by arrows, user interface elements, and geometric shapes.
Illustration of a computer screen overlaid on a grid background displaying an abstract settings file with a gear icon.
An engineer sits at a desktop running dynamic security tests on a web application.
Workers raise an oversize security lock to higher and higher levels.
A stand-alone computer kiosk shows how software can be tested from inside or outside the code.
Stylized cloud showing a certificate-like document from CircleCI.
A row of context secrets aligns with a row of stylized code projects.
A computer screen overlaid on a grid background shows an abstract configuration file containing a gear icon.
A diagram shows how the main dev branch interacts with tags and branches.
Platform teams scale up
A stylized stream of usernames and passwords streams into a server and is transformed into code.
New space is created for developers to work, supported by the work of the team on the first level.
Stylized clouds share a common data stream.
An infinite loop of connections hovers over a world map.
A hand dangles threads tied to lines of application code as if controlling the vertical and horizontal position.
Graphic elements representing automated DevOps processes speed around an infinity-shaped track.
A stack of stylized groups of computer code next to a group of laptops displaying code elements.
Individual units of code are tested beside a component made up of multiple units.
A chaos monkey swings from a stylized code structure, wreaking havok.
Two sets of objects: a central object with connections to the rest; and multiple sets of linked objects.
A chart shows lines that trend up and down across three points.
A stylized mobile device displays a lock on-screen.
Three mobile device screens with lines of stylized code float over a grid.
Two stylized mobile devices are presented side-by-side.
A stylized mobile device connects to tests in the cloud and tests on a server.
A stylized mobile device projects a display of secure code.
Failed and passed tests orbit a stylized cloud.
A series of interconnected modules representing elements of the software development process, combined with stylized security and compliance obstacles, resulting in deployment with CircleCI.
Two entities orbit a stylized cloud. One, a server, exchanges information two ways. The other, an edge computing device, receives information from the cloud but performs calculations off-cloud.
A stylized pair of code snippets shows progress from version one to version two.
A series of linked modules represents elements of the software development process that result in deployment with CircleCI.
Two stylized pipelines - one shows many small additions to a single pipeline, while the other shows multiple layers building upon a single large addition to the main branch.
A group of shapes and UI elements is contained within a dark background next to a series of connected shapes on a white ground.
Stylized developers connect across a globe.
A stylized template shows how the connected images it creates will appear.
Long stylized scroll rises up and moves forward, showing a list of items, some highlighted to call attention to them.
A stand-alone computer kiosk shows how software can be tested for whether or not it works (functional) and for how it works (non-functional).
Two stylized screens and one laptop show the difference between open-box and closed-box testing.