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Jacob Schmitt

A stylized mobile device projects a display of secure code.
Screens with lines of stylized code float over a grid.
A series of interconnected modules representing elements of the software development process, combined with stylized security and compliance obstacles, resulting in deployment with CircleCI.
A stylized cloud has two entities in its orbit. A server exchanges information two ways, while an edge computing device receives information from the cloud but performs calculations within the device.
A stylized pair of code snippets shows progress from version one to version two.
A series of interconnected modules representing elements of the software development process resulting in deployment with CircleCI.
Two stylized pipelines - one shows many small additions, while the other shows multiple layers building upon a single large addition to the main branch.
A group of shapes and UI elements is contained within a dark background next to a series of connected shapes on a white ground.
Stylized developers connect across a globe.
A stylized template shows how the connected images it creates will appear.
Long stylized scroll rises up and moves forward, showing a list of items, some highlighted to call attention to them.
Stylized code elements interact around a stylized screen of code lines.
A stand-alone computer kiosk shows how software can be tested for whether or not it works (functional) and for how it works (non-functional).
Two stylized screens and one laptop show the difference between open-box and closed-box testing.
A grid of four lines, three with green checkmarks and red exes on a dark background and one line with a green background and white checkmarks.
A grid of colorful stylized pipelines intersect and branch away from each other.
A team of miniature developers works around and on a stylized laptop, monitoring failed builds, observing changes in performance, and exposing hidden issues
A scale balancing workers managing a checklist one side and a speeding cyclist on the other.
A stylized CircleCI pipeline consisting of a linear flow of checked tasks and arrows that incorporates a GitHub flow within it.

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