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Benefits of CircleCI

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Benefits of CircleCI

Organizations choose CircleCI because jobs run fast and builds can be optimized for speed. CircleCI can be configured to run very complex pipelines efficiently with sophisticated caching, Docker layer caching, and resource classes for running on faster machines.

As a developer using CircleCI you can:

As an operator or administrator of CircleCI installed on your own servers, CircleCI provides monitoring and insights into your builds and uses Nomad for scheduling.

See the CircleCI server overview for server documentation.

Pricing options

Visit CircleCI’s Pricing page to view free and paid options.

You can sign up for free to get access to unlimited projects on CircleCI’s fully-hosted cloud platform.

Organizations on the Free Plan are given free credits to use on open source projects. Visit the Building open source projects page for more information about free containers for public open source projects.

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