Sunsetting CircleCI 1.0

On August 31, 2018, we’re ending support for CircleCI 1.0. Below are the resources, support, and important dates you may need as you make your transition to 2.0. Learn more about the benefits of CircleCI 2.0.


Looking to migrate from CircleCI 1.0 to 2.0?
Here’s what you need to get started:



  • This guide outlines the steps needed to complete the upgrade of your current install.
  • Documentation that will help you update your config files to the syntax of the 2.0 architecture.

Important dates and upcoming feature releases

  • January 2018: Starting from Xcode 9.3, all new Xcode releases will only be available on CircleCI 2.0. More information here.
  • Q1-Q2 2018: Cloud feature enhancement releases on CircleCI 2.0, including auto cancellation, API support, CLI improvements, and more.
  • August 31, 2018: CircleCI 1.0 will be shutting down for cloud builds.
  • September 2018: CircleCI server upgrades will no longer be supported on CircleCI 1.0 builders.

Bookmark this page: we will be posting new information and resources here as they become available.

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