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The CircleCI 1.0 cloud infrastructure is no longer available as of March 15, 2019. To build your projects on CircleCI, upgrade your configuration to build on CircleCI 2.0.

Why CircleCI 2.0?

CircleCI 2.0 gives your team more power, flexibility, and control over your delivery pipeline. See how migrating to CircleCI 2.0 will help your team build smarter, faster.

  • Speed

    By choosing which resource class you need for optimal performance on any workflow, you’ll never be slowed down by inadequate provisioning.

  • Flexibility

    Languages that run on Linux and macOS run on CircleCI. First-class Docker support means you can configure your environment exactly as you want.

  • Efficiency

    Advanced caching strategies and workspaces as part of Workflows help save time when running multiple jobs across a number of projects.

  • Customization & Control

    Infinite ways to orchestrate jobs (build, test, deploy) using Workflows.

Now Available

Get set up for migration success

Getting to green builds on CircleCI 2.0 starts with a plan. We’ve worked with thousands of teams to help them get building on 2.0, and have discovered some best practices along the way.

Download migration guide
step 1 Get an overview of the new .circleci/config.yml format

Start by familiarizing yourself with the new file format. Watch this video, or check out the docs.

step 2 Get a list of the projects still building on 1.0

Use this script to see which projects are building on CircleCI 1.0. Stop building any inactive projects you don’t plan to migrate.

step 3 Create a new branch on your projects for getting 2.0 up and running

You can get your projects building on CircleCI 2.0 without impacting your team. Create a new branch for testing so your team can keep building while you get things set up.

step 4 Use the configuration translator to jump-start your migration

The configuration translation endpoint will help you get started with your config file. You will want to tweak the output, but it should help you get started.

step 5 Use the CLI to validate your 2.0 configuration (and avoid stacking up failed builds)

You can use the command line interface to validate your config changes with a pre-commit Git hook. This will help you avoid running a bunch of failed builds while you are fine-tuning your syntax. Read how in the docs.


Your jobs are passing, congratulations! Now you can have some fun.

Share your success. Let your team know about the changes you made to your CircleCI config in a demo. Your projects will likely be building faster, and with more flexibility.

Have migration-specific questions?

Resource Library

Migration Guide

1.0 to 2.0 Migration Steps

Reference this step-by-step guide to guide you through the details and steps required for migrating your CircleCI 1.0 projects to CircleCI 2.0. This guide walks you through getting started by identifying projects, tips on writing your first 2.0 configuration file, getting to your first green build, and setting up Workflows.

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