GitLab teams, welcome to CircleCI!

Today we are pleased to announce GitLab support on CircleCI. Teams using GitLab SaaS or self-managed can now build, test, and deploy on CircleCI, and access CircleCI’s most popular features like Docker layer caching and automatic test-splitting. GitLab is now the third version control system we support, in addition to GitHub and Bitbucket.

GitLab teams can sign up for CircleCI today.

Kick off CircleCI builds from GitLab

This release means that teams can now connect a new or existing CircleCI account to a GitLab repository. When code changes in your GitLab repo, you can kick off build, test, and deploy pipelines in CircleCI automatically. Run your pipelines with industry-leading speed and the largest array of resource classes anywhere – powerful features that come built-in with CircleCI.

GitLab customers will also enjoy enhanced controls to safeguard config within CircleCI: the ability to set granular permissions and roles for users at the organization and project level. These controls will help ensure security, compliance, and responsible management of pipeline access.

At GitLab, we believe everyone can contribute, which is made possible by offering interoperability with industry peers like CircleCI. This integration allows easier migration paths for customers looking to leverage GitLab for source code management and more, further supporting GitLab's mission to provide customers with modern solutions. Nima Badiey, VP of Alliances, GitLab

The future of quality software is handling change – all change

Enabling support for GitLab repos is about more than just flexibility of code storage. We’ve long recognized that the world of software delivery is changing, and rapidly. Whereas code repositories were once the main locus of change (when something broke, you knew where to look), the ecosystem has evolved and now encompasses developers building products on top of third party tools, open source libraries, and other dependencies they have little control over. When things break (not if), the code repo is only one of many places to look for the breaking change.

New triggers on CircleCI are coming soon

GitLab support is just the first of many changes to come on CircleCI. In addition to expanding our platform to support GitLab-based triggers and enhanced permissions control, we will soon be opening CircleCI to sources of change outside the code repo altogether: third party platforms, APIs, image repositories, and much more. We are building a world where every change in the software ecosystem that might affect your code can trigger a pipeline within CircleCI, giving dev teams more confidence and more control over the development and delivery process.

Start building on CircleCI with GitLab today

Sign up now, connect your GitLab repo, and gain the confidence, flexibility, and speed you’ve been looking for.

The integration worked flawlessly. It was easy, fast, and productive. Yoel Astanovsky, Software Engineer at Moneytor

GitLab teams, welcome to CircleCI.

We welcome your feedback on our GitLab support! Additionally, if you have ideas for improvements or new features, we’d love to hear them.

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