How do you make sure everyone on your team knows what’s being built, what the status is, and what’s up next? Keeping everyone from product, engineering, design, marketing, and beyond coordinated and up-to-date can be a complicated, but crucial task.

Atlassian’s Jira Software is the leading tool used by agile teams to tackle this issue. Jira Software makes managing complex software projects more transparent and understandable by allowing users to organize these projects into timelines of digestible, actionable tasks. Now, Jira Software is providing software delivery teams even more value by reporting CircleCI job and deploy status directly in the Jira Software UI.


Enabling CircleCI for Jira Software

CircleCI for Jira makes it easy to assign new tasks and fixes based on job status with CircleCI orbs. Orbs are reusable, open packages of configurations that allow you to integrate external tools, like Jira, into your workflow. To get started, you’ll need to add the Jira orb to your config.yml and install the CircleCI for Jira app on your Jira instance.

Here are detailed instructions on getting started:

  1. Install the CircleCI for Jira app here.
  2. Use CircleCI version 2.1 at the top of your .circleci/config.yml file.
  3. Add the orbs stanza below your version, invoking the orb:

         jira: circleci/jira@1.0.2
  4. Use jira/notify command in you existing jobs to send status to the Jira development panel.

Note: If you do not already have Enable Pipelines turned on, you’ll need to go to Project Settings -> Advanced Settings and turn it on.


Create Jira issues from CircleCI

In addition to reporting status from your jobs to Jira Software, you can also create new Jira issues directly from the job page in the CircleCI UI. Just click the Jira issue icon in the upper right-hand corner of the job page, edit the details, and click “Create JIRA issue.”


Stronger connections between tools for a stronger team

Your CI/CD pipeline is the most up-to-date and comprehensive source of truth on how code is progressing from idea to delivery. Connecting CircleCI to Jira Software brings those insights to everyone on your team. Now, product managers will be better able to estimate how quickly new features might be built, or see where the team might be getting stuck. Engineering managers can get a read on whether jobs are passing across different teams. Design can better estimate when new mocks or marketing creative might be needed. Bringing this data to light means that everyone can make better decisions, and work more fluidly to achieve your goals.

At CircleCI, we believe a connected and extensible developer ecosystem is one that best serves our users. Partnering with Atlassian to make this Jira Software integration possible is just one of many steps you will see that help bring your tools together, in ways that help your team move faster and more confidently.