Over the past 10 years, CircleCI customers have used our platform to customize their software development process. Orbs have helped standardize and scale CI/CD pipelines with reusable packages of configuration. The CircleCI API has allowed users to create robust internal tools for their developers and integrate with other products for more granular monitoring.

As of today, CircleCI users have yet another way to react to events and customize their software delivery experience with webhooks.

Previously, if a developer wanted to receive information about a specific event in CircleCI, they would need to rely solely on the API. Now, using webhooks, customers can expand the scope of how they react to events that happen within CircleCI. With these events, developers can create customizable experiences that are effective and purposeful.

How CircleCI partners are using webhooks

CircleCI partners Datadog and Sumo Logic have joined the effort to extend CircleCI via webhooks.

Datadog is using webhooks within their CircleCI integration to surface analytic data to their users, enabling them to make informed decisions when an event occurs in their pipeline.

“As a long time partner, we’re excited by the release of CircleCI webhooks,” said Borja Burgos, Director of Product at Datadog. “Maximizing developer time and productivity has never been more important. Thanks to CircleCI webhooks we’ve been able to build a new integration in Datadog to deliver extraordinary levels of visibility and insights into CI. This integration will provide great value to our customers and strengthen our ties with CircleCI’s community.”

The CircleCI and Sumo Logic integration via webhooks collects events from CircleCI including workflow and job completed status, allowing teams to better track the performance and health of continuous integration and deployment pipelines.

“Collecting, enriching, and correlating data from across disparate sources in the modern DevOps toolchain is one of the biggest challenges of today’s engineering teams,” said Drew Horn, Director of Business Development at Sumo Logic. “With CircleCI webhooks, developers can now — in just a few clicks — push detailed, automatically instrumented pipeline data to Sumo Logic’s Continuous Intelligence Platform to benchmark and optimize their software delivery performance with deep insights and real-time analysis of the software development lifecycle.”

CircleCI webhooks will open up even more opportunities for partner integrations and expand support for technical use cases. Stay tuned for additional integrations as they become available.

CircleCI webhooks: more flexibility in CI/CD pipelines

Webhooks can be used to alert an internal notification system when a job fails, or connect CircleCI with tools such as Airtable to aggregate data on completed workflows or jobs. With webhooks, customers are able to create even more flexibility within their software development pipelines.

To create your first webhook, navigate to the CircleCI UI, access the project settings within an existing project, and choose the “Webhooks” item on the left hand menu bar. Read our docs for more information on how to create a webhook.

What’s next?

This is just the beginning — if you’re interested in seeing more from webhooks, visit Canny to browse or submit new ideas. Head over to our community forum, Discuss, to let us know how you’re using webhooks, visit the docs for more information on implementing webhooks, and check out this tutorial to learn how to set up your first webhook.