Today we unveiled new and updated Salesforce orbs - integrations that bundle CircleCI configuration into reusable packages - to make it easier for developers to build, test, and deploy Salesforce apps.

Our newest Salesforce Apex orb allows Apex developers to expedite their build and test processes with world-class CI/CD. Before, developers would spend hours learning the required commands and syntax to configure, build, and deploy correctly. The CircleCI Salesforce Apex orb allows them to achieve the same functionality much more efficiently.

Other functions of the new Salesforce Apex orb include:

  • Automatically deploy changes to a production application.
  • Run unit tests against the application and display results in the Salesforce UI.
  • Build VCS applications on commit and deploy the changes to a scratch organization.

We also updated our Salesforce CLI orb, which debuted in December, to ensure easy access to common commands.

“Salesforce is leading the next generation of cloud computing, largely driven by their unique relationship with the people who deploy, support, and develop on their platforms,” says Tom Trahan, VP of Business Development at CircleCI. “We look forward to continue serving the Salesforce developer community with the CI/CD solutions they need, to focus on building what matters most.”

“The Salesforce Platform empowers developers to innovate fast, scale with confidence, and empower everyone at their organizations,” said Wade Wegner, SVP of Product Management at Salesforce. “The latest integrations with CircleCI will further provide our developer community with CI/CD tools to establish and automate their development processes.”

Start building Salesforce apps with the new Salesforce Apex orb and updated Salesforce CLI orb today. For detailed instructions and a tutorial, see this post on setting up an automated development pipeline for Salesforce apps with CircleCI.