• Reflections on a major feature launch


    An excerpt from a product manager’s retrospective on the launch of CircleCI orbs.

    In November 2018, we launched CircleCI orbs. I recently wrote about the design decisions we made while building new package manager. Here, I want to share some of the lessons we learned (or re-learned) launching a major new feature. You likely won’t be surprised that we think a lot about how to ship working software, and our retro process helps us put in words what we observe and learn along the way.

    What follows is an excerpt from our internal retrospective on the orbs launch initiative, edited a bit for public consumption.

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  • Automate open source security tracking with the WhiteSource CircleCI orb

    CircleCI Whitesource

    In the agile age of software development, speed is the name of the game. This is why CI/CD tools like CircleCI have played such a pivotal role in changing how we work; sending our software along through the pipes at a breakneck pace.

    We are always asking questions such as: How fast can we get a new version out to our customers? How can we add these new features and stay on schedule? How can we do these things with as little wasted time and effort as possible?

    Open source software components play an important role by providing us with the building blocks of our products. These free software components allow us to skip over the more monotonous work of writing basic features on our own by offering us tried-and-true code. This allows us to focus on our business logics instead of having to build our own frameworks and infrastructures from scratch. However, even as we enjoy the benefits of open source components, they are not without their challenges, especially when it comes to security vulnerabilities.

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  • Debug your CircleCI environments using the Rookout orb

    CircleCI + Rookout

    Our goal at Rookout, the rapid debugging solution, is to help developers debug quickly and effectively, even in places where it would otherwise be hard. Dynamically created staging or testing environments can have a different configuration each time they are created, which leads to unpredictable results and bugs that are impossible to reproduce. Debugging such environments is sometimes just as hard and frustrating as debugging in production. CircleCI orbs make it easy to integrate with Rookout - a solution that makes debugging in production, staging, or test environments just as easy as debugging on your local machine.

    With Rookout, you can keep your CI/CD flow fresh and stable, allowing your team to keep pushing features and fixes without fear.

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