More modern tooling favorites integrate with CircleCI every day. Browse our posts on popular integrations, and read about the growing ecosystem of CircleCI Technology Partners who have contributed orbs (sharable configuration packages) to the Orb Registry.

CircleCI for AWS: Deep integration, security, and flexibility

Get started with Google Binary Authorization

Update: How CircleCI processes over 30 million builds per month

CI/CD, meet CAS: Continuous Application Security

Pull in your stored sensitive data with the CryptoMove orb

Three rules for turning DevOps into DevSecOps

Build with CircleCI, configure securely with Alcide

Security with Snyk in the CircleCI workflow

DevSecOps and CircleCI orbs: secure your CI/CD pipeline

Set up a CircleCI pipeline to run a Postman collection using the Newman orb

Contributing the Elixir orb

Start deploying using the CircleCI deployment orb with DeployHub

LaunchDarkly feature flags in your CircleCI builds

Automate open source security tracking with the WhiteSource CircleCI orb

Debug your CircleCI environments using the Rookout orb

Cross-browser screenshot testing with the CircleCI Happo orb

Reusable CI/CD components with CircleCI orbs and Pulumi

Making code coverage easy to see with the Codecov CircleCI orb

End­-to-­end browser testing with the Ghost Inspector CircleCI orb

Building CI/CD pipelines using the CircleCI AWS ECR Orb

Seamless, parallelized, visual testing with the Percy CircleCI Orb

Streamlined web application testing with the Cypress CircleCI Orb

How to Build Immutable Infrastructure with Packer and CircleCI Workflows

Slack Integration


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