CircleCI now integrates with the GitHub Checks API, so you can see the status of your CircleCI workflows under the Pull Request Checks tab in the GitHub UI. Previously in the GitHub UI, users could only see the status of individual CircleCI jobs for a given pull request - there was no way to see the status of the workflows to which those jobs belonged. With checks enabled, users will now be able to go to the Checks tab in GitHub to view the full hierarchy and status of CircleCI builds.

Enabling GitHub Checks in CircleCI

Important - You cannot enable GitHub Checks for CircleCI from the GitHub UI, you must log into CircleCI and enable checks for your organization. You must have admin privileges for your organization to enable checks.

To enable Checks:

  1. Log into CircleCI
  2. Navigate to the dashboard
  3. Click Settings on the left navbar
  4. Choose VCS
  5. Click Manage GitHub Checks

  1. Choose which repositories to enable checks for, and click Install

Once you’ve installed checks for a repository running CircleCI builds, you will see a CircleCI “Check Suite” appear on the Checks tab for open pull requests in that repository. In the CircleCI check suite, you can see the status of your workflows and the status of the jobs within each of those workflows.

Should you need to restart any of your workflows, you can click the rerun icon to rerun the workflow from the beginning. You can also rerun the entire CircleCI check suite, which will rerun all of the project’s workflows from the beginning. More advanced functionality such as rerunning workflows from failed, or running jobs with SSH, is still only accessible through the CircleCI app, not through GitHub Checks. You can go directly to CircleCI from the GitHub Checks tab by clicking View more details on CircleCI Checks.