Today we announced a $31M Series C by Top Tier Capital Partners alongside Industry Ventures and Heavybit, who join existing investors Scale Venture Partners, Baseline Ventures, Harrison Metal, and DFJ Ventures. There are more details in the release here, but I wanted to share our plans for our new funding, and what you should expect from CircleCI in the future.

When CircleCI launched in 2011, the world was much simpler. Rails monoliths were all the rage, Docker didn’t exist, and the latest iPhone was a 4s. Today, the world is much more complicated. Teams are running thousands of microservices in a single product, building in multiple languages, and supporting it all in the cloud.

It’s clear that our world will only continue to become more complex. We need our tools and systems to not only evolve to meet this need, but to become smarter. The demand on engineering teams show no signs of slowing down: every team is asked how they can build high quality products faster, more securely, and more productively. We believe we can help teams solve these issues, and I want to share a little about our plans for how we will start to tackle this this year.

Today, we run 7M+ builds per month, up from 4.5M less than 6 months ago. 2017 was focused on rebuilding our platform in the transition from 1.0 to 2.0, and that transition has paid off. Build times on both our Linux and macOS fleets have been dramatically reduced. We’ve been able to handle increasing numbers of users and jobs, while simultaneously decreasing average job time across every language we serve.

2018 is all about scale. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible to go from idea to delivery. We believe we can harness the data from the massive number of builds happening daily to create intelligent automation for all of our users. For example, today, when a tool, framework, or library that you rely on goes down, we see build after build fail for reasons outside of your control. One of our first plans is to build proactive alerting and re-routing into CircleCI, so we can tell you before problems occur, and help your team find a different way.

Along with building more tools for intelligent automation, we will also focus on making CircleCI simpler for new users to get started. In becoming more powerful with CircleCI 2.0, we also became more complex. We plan to bring simplicity back to the user experience. We will also continue to invest in the experience for the operators running CircleCI inside of the world’s biggest enterprises. We will continue to grow by making it easier for both our largest customers and teams of 1 to deliver higher quality code, faster.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done so far, but there is a lot ahead of us. If you want to help shape the future of software delivery, come and join the team: we’re hiring.