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Team members in a conference room in the San Francisco office.
What we do

About CircleCI

CircleCI is the world’s largest shared continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, and the central hub where the world’s code moves from idea to delivery. CircleCI is a globally distributed company, operating 24/7 to serve our global customer base.

Started in 2011, we have grown to over 300 employees all over the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, we have offices in London, Tokyo, Boston, Denver, and Toronto through our affiliate Continuous Labs.

San Francisco, USA

Denver, USA

Boston, USA

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto, Canada

London, UK

Work with a global team

We support a healthy, hybrid workforce

Our team works together across three main regions: Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. Some of our teams and departments are entirely colocated in one of our offices, and others are entirely distributed.

We collaborate

Our collaboration processes and tooling enable everyone to access the information and resources they need to do their job and make informed decisions, regardless of time zone.

We bring people together

Our teams gather regularly in locations across the world to get to know each other and build relationships, sync, collaborate, and strategize face-to-face.

See the Entire Team
Team members on a Zoom call in the San Francisco office.
Team members on a Zoom call holding waffles.
Two colleagues working together at an engineering offsite in Las Vegas.
Four colleagues visiting the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
A team member smiling, with a cup of coffee in his hands.

CircleCI culture

We value making strategic choices, staying responsive, learning as we go, and making sustainable decisions to help us work even smarter tomorrow. We hire the brightest, most conscientious people we can find, and our biggest asset are the folks we come to work with every day.

Meet the Team

Breon Knight
“The first day I got here, what I noticed is how bright the personalities in the office were. Everyone seemed not uniform, but respectful. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill startup that had a cult-like culture.”

Breon Knight
Software Engineer at CircleCI

Vinny Thanh
“I love working at CircleCI—talented teammates motivate you to be your best, and strong leadership fosters your personal and professional growth. Most importantly, we push for results while still treating people like they're people—excellence doesn't come at the sacrifice of happiness.”

Vinny Thanh
Solutions Engineer at CircleCI

Jasmine Jackson-Irwin
“CircleCI has a culture committed to learning, transparency, and growth. In my time here, I've seen folks be promoted, move across teams, and charter new paths. It's a joy and privilege to work at a place that cares so much about individual employee success; our team knows that by investing in individuals, you drive change at a company-wide level.”

Jasmine Jackson-Irwin
Senior Enablement Manager at CircleCI

Gillian Jakob Kieser
“What I appreciate most is how giving everyone is with their time and expertise. Every person I encounter here is kind and generous, and gets real value out of getting to teach someone something new, or help them solve a problem.”

Gillian Jakob Kieser
Senior Content Manager at CircleCI

Jacque Garcia
“CircleCI has a culture of engineers that really care about what they are building, how they are building, and its impact. I say this because of how much they value user experience and the ways in which they respond to user feedback.”

Jacque Garcia
Software Engineer at CircleCI

A balanced life

Our team members enjoy the flexibility of working from whatever environment best suits their role. Supporting a distributed workforce is an integral part of our culture.

Working from one of our offices

If you work in one of our offices, you’ll enjoy great locations close to public transit, top-shelf snacks and beverages, and company-provided lunch. All our communication is done through tools like Google Suite, Slack, GitHub, and Zoom.

Working remotely at CircleCI

Enjoy the environment that suits you best, from a peaceful home office to your favorite local cafe. No matter where your computer is set up, we want to ensure you not only are, but also feel, part of our global team, and stay well-connected with your teammates every day.

Health and wellness

Regardless of where our employees are and their health and wellness needs, it is our highest priority to provide benefits that support our employees and their families.

Our values in practice

Our values drive and inform our work every day: from how we work together, make decisions, to how we define our processes and live them in practice.

Inclusive, empathetic, and respectful

We are stronger because of the diversity of our teammates and our customers’ experiences, and we actively look to bring more, not fewer, viewpoints into our decision making.

Team members dressed up in matching shirts as part of our annual Pride celebration.
Team member writing on a sticky note on a board with many sticky notes on it. She’s wearing a CircleCI branded sweatshirt.

Open and transparent

Information and access is everything. We are a globally-distributed company, and we empower our teams to make decisions and take action.

Our fortnightly company call, that includes many folks meeting in-person, as well as many other folks joining in from around the world via video conference.

Ambitious and impact-driven

We work on things that matter. We focus on outcomes, not output. We believe in setting the bar high, accepting the risk of failure, and stretching to meet our goals.

Quick and continuous

We value quickly iterating and shipping, then refining and adjusting, versus trying to do everything at once. We opt for quick experimentation, getting things over the line and continuously learning.

A team member smiling, with a cup of coffee in his hands.
A team member presenting to others in a conference room.


Rapid recovery is in our DNA. We provide a mission-critical service that is deeply intertwined in a broad ecosystem of providers for a wide range of customers. We have the mindset, systems, and processes in place to recover rapidly.

Aligned, empowered, and accountable

We empower teams and individuals closest to the problem or opportunity, and trust in them to determine and execute on the best path forward.

A team member in a conference room, with his feet up, and several stickers decorating his laptop.

Investing in our community

We work hard to hire people from a variety of backgrounds and a multitude of perspectives. We have also partnered with numerous organizations that seek to improve diversity and inclusion in the tech community.

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