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scaled for enterprise.

Choose the simplicity of a cloud-hosted solution
or the control of hosting on your own private infrastructure.

“Our old deployment process involved a spreadsheet of instructions and people to run them and took days. The new process has been fully automated from the start with CircleCI and Docker and takes only ~20 minutes. ”

Tomoaki Kobayakawa
Deputy General Manager at Sony

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Dollar Shave Club

Spend less time managing your tools

Focus on fast iteration and improving code quality instead of burning cycles tending your build infrastructure. Whatever and wherever you are building, CircleCI speeds up your development process. Check out the latest CircleCI 2.0 features.

Increase developer productivity

Easy setup and configuration-as-code remove bottlenecks - no more waiting for provisioning or queuing for build machines. Developers can work in a branch independently and share their changes with the team without waiting on ops to make changes.

Release quality code

CircleCI helps teams find bugs and get fixes out faster. Increase confidence in the code you’re releasing to customers. Shorter iteration cycles mean innovation can happen faster.

Reduce operational overhead

Simplify your tool chain with a highly configurable and powerful CI/CD platform without having to manage additional plugins and services.

Security you need

Read/write access controlled via GitHub authentication. Install behind your firewall for the additional security your business requires.

“CircleCI is one of those tools that silently chugs along in your stack doing some serious heavy-lifting while staying out of your way. That’s what you want in your unit testing infrastructure - something to get the job done with zero maintenance overhead. ”

Jason Bosco
VP of Engineering, Core Platform & Infrastructure at Dollar Shave Club

“One of the best assets we have as a company is the smartest engineers we can find. Rather than provide slow or cumbersome tools, we want to provide self-service workflows for our engineers who can use them on their own time, in their own way. That’s why we have moved over to CircleCI. ”

Rob Witoff
Former Director at Coinbase

“The ultimate test for us is taking our code on the road. Every piece of code gets a road test before it is merged into master. CircleCI allows us to be confident in the software we build before taking it out for a drive. ”

Adrian Macneil
Director of Infrastructure Engineering at Cruise

“With CircleCI, we have probably saved $75-300K in maintenance on Jenkins. We've also had fewer headaches and shipping is easy. ”

Seth Ringling
Developer at Avvo

Empower developers

  • Try new things without fear of breaking the build with configuration as code.
  • Debug thorny problems inside the runtime environment with SSH into build containers.
  • Eliminate “worked on my machine” issues with clean environments.
  • Increase team confidence that commits work as intended.
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Empower Devs

Explore an example config.yml

The speed your
at the scale your
business requires

Enterprise plans start at $3,000 USD per month, with a dedicated account and support team.

What We

  • World-class CI/CD, in the cloud or behind your firewall

  • Support for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and Bitbucket (cloud)

  • Build for Docker, Windows, Linux, and macOS

  • A full suite of security features

  • Sophisticated DevOps workflows and pipelines

  • 24/7/365 support and account teams

  • Custom CPU, GPU, and RAM build machines

  • Configuration as code

Your CI pipeline is mission-critical. Pick the best tool for the job.

By developers, for developers.

We build CI/CD so your team can focus on what matters: building the best thing for your customers. Our workflows, pipelines, and configuration as code, along with Docker-native support, let your team move as fast as possible.

Plugin free, and built for scale.

Per-job resource classes, test splitting, warm machines, Docker layer caching, and dependency caching are powerful tools for speeding up builds. And since configuration as code is our philosophy, your devs are never waiting for plugins to be updated.

We value security.

We think you can move fast, without breaking things. We provide audit logs, restricted contexts, and LDAP, encrypt data at rest, and transmit all source code vai secure protocols. Job isolation and fresh environments for every build are code to our platform.

Extensible and powerful.

We make it easy to connect all of your favorite tools to CircleCI. Use our API, or use any of our hundreds of orbs, packages of reusable configuration that make it easy to bring in your favorite integrations.

A professional DevOps platform, backed by a team of DevOps professionals.

Our team of experts is here to architect a solution with you from proof of concept to purchase. Premium support packages include expert advice from our team, global support engineers, and account management, and are required for self-hosted installations of CircleCI.

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  • Implementation and onboarding support

  • Administrative and developer training

  • 24x7 support

  • Quarterly reviews

  • Account and customer success team


In the cloud or self-hosted

We can host continuous integration for you on our cloud-managed option or you can run CircleCI behind a firewall on your private infrastructure.


We oversee the setup, and maintenance of your continuous integration instance(s).

  • Instant access to feature releases and automatic upgrades alleviating the need for maintenance

  • Authorize with GitHub or Bitbucket and go from sign up to build in minutes.


Install CircleCI on a private server that your team sets up and maintanins for security.

  • Full System Administrator control for complete customization

  • Your team determines the update cadence to fit your maintenance schedule

Tomoaki Kobayakawa Portrait
“Our old deployment process involved a spreadsheet of instructions and people to run them and took days. The new process has been fully automated from the start with CircleCI and Docker and takes only ~20 minutes. ”

Tomoaki Kobayakawa
Deputy General Manager at Sony

Customers building on CircleCI

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"A fast and reliable CI/CD solution is critical. It ensures features get to our customers on time and bug-free. "

Kyle Espinola

Kyle Espinola

Senior Software Engineer Team Lead

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"By allowing us not to focus on infrastructure, we’re able to aim [our efforts] where we think we can provide more value, and that’s one of the great takeaways I’ve had from working with CircleCI. "

Eric Nakagawa

Eric Nakagawa

Head of Open Source

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Conde Nast

"We deploy all of this infrastructure with CircleCI. It's quite a large amount of our real estate around the world. If you want to make a change... that's done through CircleCI. "

James Sewell

James Sewell

Lead Platform Engineer

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