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New Trigger Pipeline Parameter Limits     

We are introducing parameter limits to improve responsiveness of the trigger pipeline API and limit potential abuse. The new limits will be as follows:

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Runner 3.0.20    

Container Runner

  • Reduce long term memory footprint of Container Runner
  • Retry tasks where the pod has failed to start due to pod startup errors
  • Improve Container Runner monitoring mechanisms for active task pods
  • Use the home SSH directory for checkout keys instead of a temporary directory.

Machine Runner


Server 4.4.3    

Change Log

  • updated task agent version
  • bug fixes for oidc-service

Release Agent 1.2.1 Release    


  • Add logs to capture previous rollout state
  • Fix invalid steps bug
  • Fix bug when executing commands when Argo Rollouts was missing

Introducing the Usage API    

Get access to all your CircleCI usage data via our Usage API.

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Release Agent 1.2.0 Release    


  • Added support for proprietary labels and that will replace app and version. Currently the old labels are still supported, but it is recommended to migrate to the new ones as soon as possible, since support for them will be dropped in an upcoming releases. NOTE When migrating to the new and labels, rolling back to a version with the old app and version labels is supported only if the deployment or rollout is managed by Helm.
  • Fixed an issue with rollbacks failing when the deployment was managed by Argo Rollout and Helm was not being used.

Auto-Cancel Redundant Workflows for Gitlab Projects    

Gitlab projects now support Auto-Cancel Redundant Workflows. Reducing spend and queuing for highly active projects. For more information on see our documentation.

New projects will handle commit statuses for job names with "/" characters correctly    

If a job name contains a “/” character (ie. “foo/bar”), CircleCI will correctly set the VCS commit status for the full job name as opposed to only the part after the “/”. This update applies to new projects created on or after April 5, 2024. Projects created before April 5, 2024 are not impacted.

If your project was created before April 5, 2024 and your job name has a “/” in its name, email to have the new behavior enabled for your project.

Update on joining GitHub OAuth and Bitbucket integrated organizations    

We have removed the ability to generate in-app invites for GitHub OAuth and Bitbucket integrated organizations. Users trying to join existing CircleCI organizations with a GitHub OAuth or Bitbucket integration will no longer need an invitation from an existing team member.

For more information on the updated steps, see our documentation.

Config compile time improvements    

We have optimized config compilation, with up to 40% improvement in compilation times for very large configs.