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CircleCI VSCode Extension Windows images and resource classes bug fixed    

CircleCI’s VSCode extension had an issue where it would inconsistently auto-complete certain Windows resource classes & images. This has been fixed. Users do not need to update their VSCode Extension for the fix to be reflected.

Runner 3.0.22 Release    

For customers trying to find cost efficiencies in their runner environment we now support spot instances. The feature can also improve reliability when there are unexpected failures. It comes with some risks and we have documented risks and usage. This release also includes some enhancements and security fixes.

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Org picker in CircleCI web app correctly handles long org names    

Long org names are now truncated properly with an ellipses when shown in the left-hand nav’s org picker in the CircleCI web app.

"Follow x new" badge in CircleCI Web app has been removed    

To simplify the CircleCI web app’s user interface, we have removed the badge in the left-hand navigation that said “Follow x new” which indicated to users that new projects in their organization were available for following.

CircleCI VSCode Extension v2.8.3 Released    

New release of the CircleCI VSCode extension. This fixes an issue where SSH reruns initiated from the CircleCI VSCode extension would intermittently fail.

CircleCI Signup page now has a "Sign up with Bitbucket" option now has a “Sign up with Bitbucket” option.

Changes to the CircleCI Web App    

We have released changes to the CircleCI Web App including a new “User Homepage”, refreshed styling for our left-hand navigation bar, and a top navigation bar that provides shortcuts for user-level actions. To view these updates, log in or navigate directly to

For more details, visit our community forum.

Coming Change for Jobs API and Pipelines UI Commit History    

In the past CircleCI has shown up to three commits for a specific pull request in the UI and returned in “all commit_details” for the jobs API. The commits in the UI linked back to the commit history in the VCS so users could review the commits from the source.

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CircleCI VSCode Extension v2.8.2 Released    

New release of the CircleCI VSCode extension. This completes the fix of an issue with release 2.8.0 where workspace settings get updated without any action by the user.

Users now see correct page when logged in    

If a user is logged in to the CircleCI web application, they will now see the correct version of which includes a “Go to Application” button in the top-right corner. Previously, they would see a version of that had “Sign up” and “Login” buttons in the top-right corner.