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Amazon SageMaker integration for orchestrating model deployment    

Users can now orchestrate their model deployments across multiple environments through the Amazon SageMaker Orb. They can also track and manage their deployments from within the Releases UI.

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Inbound Webhooks (Preview)    

Inbound Webhooks are now available in open preview.

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Linux CUDA image includes AI/ML-specific software    

CircleCI’s “Linux CUDA” image has been updated to include the Pytorch, Tensorflow, and HuggingFace transformers libraries out-of-the-box.

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Audit Log Includes Context Accessed    

Audit logs include context.secrets.accessed. Entry includes the actor and other details.

New GPU Resource Classes (Preview)    

Now in preview, three new resource classes that use GPUs:

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Container Runner Release 3.0.14    

  • Improved retries of select errors on startup of a container task
  • The task-agent binaries and pidfile are now installed at more conventional locations for both machine and container runner
  • GA release of machine runner 3.0

Increase in config compile size limit to 8MB    

CircleCI configurations previously had a compile size limit of 4 MB, which prevented pipelines from running when this limit was exceeded. We have now increased the config compile size limit to 8 MB.

Machine Runner 3.0 Released    

Machine runner 3.0 is now Generally Available, providing improvements to usability, setup, and maintenance of machine runners.

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Docker version used for Docker executor to be upgraded to Docker 24    

CircleCI is upgrading the Docker version that is used for jobs that use the Docker executor in November, 2023. This change is critical to ensuring the underlying infrastructure that runs your jobs continues to be secure, reliable, and performant.

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Server Release 4.3    

Before Upgrading

See the CircleCI server 4.3 release notes and upgrade guide for this release.

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