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Server Release 4.2.7    


  • Updated AMIs. These images are now based on ubuntu 22.04. Older images are no longer available at this time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix to address a change in the Github API validation for the content-type field which is breaking webhook setup for projects

Xcode 16 Beta 3 available    

The Xcode 16 Beta 3 image is now available to be used in CircleCI pipelines.


macOS orb version 2.5.2 available    

The newest macOS orb version 2.5.2 resolves an intermittent issue where the wrong IP address was shown in the ssh command string after running a Rebuild with SSH job.


Xcode 16 Beta 2 available    

The Xcode 16 Beta 2 image is now available to be used in CircleCI pipelines.


Minor adjustment when accepting an invitation to CircleCI    

There is no longer an optional step to connect your VCS when accepting an invitation to a CircleCI organization that integrates with GitLab or GitHub App

Minor improvement to Inbound Webhook trigger creation flow    

When creating a new Inbound Webhook trigger, CircleCI automatically creates a GitHub App configuration source to be used by the trigger. With this fix, the config source is automatically created when saving the trigger, rather than when entering the creation flow.

Product tour and demo video for Releases now available    

Users visiting the Releases UI for the first time can now explore our Product Tour, which highlights the various features and value of CircleCI Releases. It also includes a demo video to walk users through different use cases that can be solved using Releases.

Error Summarizer now requires opt in    

Admins must now opt in their organization to use the experimental intelligent error summaries. Enable this experiment in the Advanced section of Organization Settings.

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macOS Intel resource end of life    

As of June 28 24:00 UTC, the Intel-based macOS Gen2 macos.x86.medium.gen2 resource class is no longer available. Jobs that specify this resource will fail with an Invalid resource class error.

Learn about CircleCI macOS resource classes.

Minor updates to project creation flow    

Organizations that integrate with GitHub App or GitLab will see minor updates to the CircleCI web app after the “Create Project” button is clicked. There is now a “project type” selection page.