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Runner Release 3.0.19     

Runner Release

  • Fix bug causing the kube-api server to sometimes prematurely terminate task pods for containerized jobs.
  • Improve Task Lifecycle step with dynamic Kubernetes pod lifecycle status for containerized jobs. Providing more detailed information on each step in the lifeycle, making it easier to debug issues if they arise.

Experimental Context Restriction API Change    

Experimental Contexts Restriction API change:

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Ability to name organizations integrated with GitLab and GitHub Apps is now available    

Users can now name their CircleCI organization when using CircleCI’s GitHub App or GitLab integration.

"On Hold" now shows as "Needs Approval" in CircleCI UI    

The CircleCI UI now uses the language “Needs Approval” instead of “On Hold” to denote that an approval job is pending approval.

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GitHub App triggers can be created from empty state    

We have resolved a bug which prevented users from creating GitHub App triggers if they had previously deleted all of their triggers.

Configuration Sources can be used to create GitHub App Triggers in Project Settings UI     

For projects that integrate with CircleCI’s GitHub App, you can now specify a custom configuration source when creating a GitHub App trigger.

This enables you to use modular configuration files within the same project (ie. a build-and-test.yml and a deploy.yml that have different definitions).

Environment details now available in Releases UI    

Users can now track changes in their systems across their various development environments in our Releases UI, which is in open preview. With this update, users can see which environment a release is associated with, what version of a component is in different environments, and the latest version of every component within a single environment.

Organization joiners can now link their VCS during onboarding    

Edit configuration sources in Project Settings    

Users who integrate with CircleCI’s GitHub App can now edit their configuration sources in Project Settings –> Configuration.

Artifact uploads now happen in parallel    

When using the built-in store_artifacts step in a job, CircleCI now parallelizes the upload of individual files instead of uploading them sequentially to reduce the time that it takes for the entire upload operation to happen.