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Runner 3.0.22 Release    

For customers trying to find cost efficiencies in their runner environment we now support spot instances. The feature can also improve reliability when there are unexpected failures. It comes with some risks and we have documented risks and usage. This release also includes some enhancements and security fixes.

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Changes to the CircleCI Web App    

We have released changes to the CircleCI Web App including a new “User Homepage”, refreshed styling for our left-hand navigation bar, and a top navigation bar that provides shortcuts for user-level actions. To view these updates, log in or navigate directly to

For more details, visit our community forum.

GCP-CLI orb version 3.2.0 available    

GCP-CLI orb version 3.2.0 has been published. This version introduces support for Windows.


Disable SSH rerun button when no SSH keys present    

The “rerun job with SSH” button is now disabled if no SSH keys are detected. Previously, attempting to “rerun job with SSH” would result in a standard rerun if no SSH keys were detected.

Server 4.5.0    

Before upgrading

See the CircleCI server 4.5 release notes and upgrade guide for this release.

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Auto-Cancel Redundant Workflows for GitHub App projects    

Projects integrated through GitHub App now support Auto-Cancel Redundant Workflows.

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New "trigger pipeline" parameter limits     

We are introducing parameter limits to improve responsiveness of the trigger pipeline API and limit potential abuse. The new limits will be as follows:

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Runner 3.0.20    

Note: If you are running CircleCI Server, you will need version 4.4.3 of server to take advantage of these runner features.

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Release Agent 1.2.1 Release    


  • Add logs to capture previous rollout state
  • Fix invalid steps bug
  • Fix bug when executing commands when Argo Rollouts was missing

Release Agent 1.2.0 Release    


  • Added support for proprietary labels and that will replace app and version. Currently the old labels are still supported, but it is recommended to migrate to the new ones as soon as possible, since support for them will be dropped in an upcoming releases. NOTE When migrating to the new and labels, rolling back to a version with the old app and version labels is supported only if the deployment or rollout is managed by Helm.
  • Fixed an issue with rollbacks failing when the deployment was managed by Argo Rollout and Helm was not being used.