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“Rerun failed tests” time savings in Web App    

The CircleCI web app now shows how much time is saved on each job that uses the “rerun failed tests” feature.

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“Rerun failed tests” badge in web app    

A badge in the CircleCI web app now indicates when a workflow used the “rerun failed tests” feature.

Invites are now required to join existing GitHub organizations on CircleCI    

New users who are joining existing GitHub organizations on CircleCI will now need an invitation from an org member that is already registered for CircleCI. Read more on our community forum.

Improvements to “Rerun” dropdown in the CircleCI web app     

If a job is not set up to use the “rerun failed tests” feature, the UI now reads: “Set up rerun failed tests” and links directly to the “rerun failed tests” documentation.

New UI for “steps” in CircleCI web app available to all users    

As of August 25, 2023 all projects now have an enhanced experience for viewing steps through the CircleCI UI. Benefits include:

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Container runner version 3.0.13    


Container runner version 3.0.12    

  • Reduce claiming interval from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Improve robustness when starting tasks on newly created nodes
  • Default to a non-root user in the container runner Docker image

GitLab project admins and contributors can now use contexts    

What’s New

For GitLab projects, access to view and run contexts is now extended to those with the following roles: Project Admin or Project Contributor. Refer to the docs for more about project roles, and contexts.

UI changes to show jobs that use `setup_remote_docker`    

What’s New

Jobs that are configured to use setup_remote_docker are now indicated on the job details UI, Plan Usage UI, and Insights as using the “Remote Docker” executor.

New CLI command: `env subst`    

What’s New

CircleCI’s CLI now includes an env subst command, which serves as a wrapper around the popular envsubst CLI tool. The command is used to substitute environment variables in a text string or file.

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