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Runner 3.0.20    

Note: If you are running CircleCI Server, you will need version 4.4.3 of server to take advantage of these runner features.

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Runner Release 3.0.19     

Runner Release

  • Fix bug causing the kube-api server to sometimes prematurely terminate task pods for containerized jobs.
  • Improve Task Lifecycle step with dynamic Kubernetes pod lifecycle status for containerized jobs. Providing more detailed information on each step in the lifeycle, making it easier to debug issues if they arise.

Runner 3.0.18    


  • Fixed a bug where the Task lifecycle and service container steps appear to run indefinitely, even after the task has already completed.

Runner 3.0.17    

  • Log duration for downloads of a task-agent binary initiated by the runner agent are output to local downloads. This should help with troubleshooting issues when customers are experiencing problems downloading agents.
  • Fix bug where failed task Pods weren’t removed on task cleanup and had to wait for garbage collection, wasting customers’ cluster resources.
  • Additional security patches.

Runner 3.0.16 Release    

Critical security fix

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Container Runner Release 3.0.14    

  • Improved retries of select errors on startup of a container task
  • The task-agent binaries and pidfile are now installed at more conventional locations for both machine and container runner
  • GA release of machine runner 3.0

Container runner version 3.0.13    


Container runner version 3.0.12    

  • Reduce claiming interval from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Improve robustness when starting tasks on newly created nodes
  • Default to a non-root user in the container runner Docker image