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Runner 3.0.22 Release

For customers trying to find cost efficiencies in their runner environment we now support spot instances. The feature can also improve reliability when there are unexpected failures. It comes with some risks and we have documented risks and usage. This release also includes some enhancements and security fixes.

Container Runner:

  • Support for unsafe retries, which enable container-agent to automatically rerun tasks that get interrupted during their execution. For example, unsafe retries can be used to run idempotent workloads on spot instances for cost-saving benefits without the worry of Pod preemption causing unexpected job failures. For important information and risk assessment on setting up and using unsafe retries, please read the docs:
  • Changed the format of the arbitrary suffix appended to the names of Kubernetes objects that are managed by container-agent. This change has no operational impact on runner.

Both Machine and Container Runner:

  • The CircleCI CLI is now prioritized over task agent on the $PATH. That is, invoking the circleci command within a task will point to the CLI binary, if present.
  • Patched with Go v1.21.10 for security fixes in Go: