Power, flexibility, and control

More speed and configurability than ever before with customizable pipelines.

How CircleCI Works

VCS integration

CircleCI integrates with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and Bitbucket. Every time you commit code, CircleCI creates a pipeline.

Automated testing

CircleCI automatically runs your pipeline in a clean container or virtual machine, allowing you to test every commit.


Your team is notified if a pipeline fails so issues can be fixed quickly. Automate notifications with our Slack integration.

Automated deployment

Passing pipelines are deployed to various environments so your product goes to market faster.

Faster performance

Get the speed and reliability you need when building, testing, and deploying code. Choose the resources you need for optimal performance.

Complete control

Build software your way using custom job orchestration with workflows. Enable dynamic config to set pipeline parameters, generate config, and more.

Unparalleled flexibility

Run jobs on Linux, MacOS, or Windows, in our cloud or on your own infrastructure, with access to first-class Docker support.

Everything great teams need

Workflows for job orchestration

First-class Docker support

Choose the CPU/RAM you need

Language-agnostic support

Powerful caching

SSH or run local builds for easy debugging

Unmatched security

Insights dashboard

Build Environments

Build anything on CircleCI

Save time and resources by using our comprehensive, customizable fleet of CI/CD machines, including Docker containers and VMs for Linux, macOS, Windows, and Arm. For additional control and platform support, create custom execution environments on your own infrastructure.

Hosting Options

In the cloud or self-hosted

Use CircleCI with our cloud-hosted compute and self-hosted runners, or install our server option on your own infrastructure.


  • CI/CD orchestration in the cloud

  • The option to use self-hosted runners for added flexibility and control

  • Instant access to feature releases

  • Fast authorization with GitHub or Bitbucket


  • CircleCI runs on your own infrastructure

  • Full control over maintenance and security

  • Full system administrator control for complete customization

  • An update cadence that fits your maintenance schedule


Works with your toolchain

CircleCI connects with services you already use like AWS, Fastlane, Azure, and Slack.

Migrate from Jenkins

It’s easy to switch to CircleCI

Join the thousands of companies who have made the switch from Jenkins to CircleCI.

“We successfully migrated both repos and see phenomenal performance improvements, especially when we leverage caching! Our project’s build times went from roughly 2:30 minutes to 1:30 (without cache) and 0:50 (with cache).”

“Today’s experience on @circleci 2.0: my setup was so fast I had to explicitly wait for elasticsearch to start properly before running tests.”

via @BlameFrost

“Build time dropped from 13 minutes to just over 2 minutes after moving to @circleci 2.0 and enabling caching. Great end to the week!”

via @qnmco

“Workflows + Docker caching are great with CircleCI 2.0. I’m pumped about what we can do with this! Our Docker build times have gone from ~12 minutes to less than 2 minutes on CircleCI. Fan-freaking-tastic.”

Josh Dover
Senior Software Engineer at CrateJoy

Rob Eanes
“I wasn’t convinced Jenkins was worth the effort. With CircleCI there were none of the headaches I’d experienced before. Everyone who joins our team picks up CircleCI very quickly. It’s always a positive experience.”

Rob Eanes
CTO at Pingboard


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