CircleCI for compute-intensive applications

CircleCI’s GPU resource classes offer the scalability and speed required to build, test, and
deploy data-intensive applications.

Powerful GPU resources for CI/CD in the cloud

Custom compute

Build, test, and deploy applications that have unique system requirements without managing your own hardware.

Granular optimizations

Our GPU resource classes give your team full control over the compute allocated to each job, so pipelines run as efficiently as possible.

Auto-provisioned Linux and Windows VMs

Match the needs of your software and run Linux and Windows jobs in dedicated virtual machines that are created and destroyed for every job.

Automate testing for your compute-intensive projects

AI & machine learning models

  • Automate your development pipeline and iterate as quickly as possible.
  • Get fast feedback with customizable pipelines for complex workloads.
  • Fix issues as soon as they surface by running local builds for easy debugging.

Gaming & VR applications

  • Increase developer productivity and efficiency so you can focus on building immersive experiences for your gaming community.
  • Maintain the quality of high visual effects within your gaming applications that require reliability.
  • Meet gamer expectations by rapidly shipping updates to your application while minimizing breaking changes.