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Runner Release 3.0.23    

Container Runner

  • Added support for customizable service containers, allowing users more control over a service’s resource usage on a per-image basis. For additional details, refer to the docs.
  • Introduced configuration validation to avoid setting the garbage collection threshold below the max task runtime, preventing premature Pod removal and task interruptions.
  • Modified the task agent directory to avoid conflicts with existing directories in the PATH variable.

Both Machine and Container Runner:

  • Added injection of the CIRCLE_URL variable into task environments. This will resolve to on cloud, or to the host URL of your server installation on enterprise server.

Runner 3.0.22 Release    

For customers trying to find cost efficiencies in their runner environment we now support spot instances. The feature can also improve reliability when there are unexpected failures. It comes with some risks and we have documented risks and usage. This release also includes some enhancements and security fixes.

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Runner Release 3.0.21    

Container Runner:

  • Support the user key in the docker executor configuration. This allows you to execute task-agent with a different user than the image’s default. Due to limitations of the Kubernetes API, this feature has some caveats:
    • This key is only supported on the primary container. Service containers will continue to run as the default user.
    • Some user environment variables, such as $PATH, may be reset.
  • Further reduction in the memory footprint of Container Runner. This includes a fix for a memory leak that could cause the container-agent Pod to use excess memory and unexpectedly crash under certain workloads.
  • Fix for a bug that caused tokens for private AWS ECR images to be cached beyond their expiry, potentially causing image pull errors.

Both Machine and Container Runner:

  • Optimize the download and storage caching of new task agent versions.

Launch Agent 1.x Variants EOL    

We will end support for all 1.x variants of runner launch agent on July 31st 2024. It has been replaced with Machine Runner 3.0. You can learn more about machine runner and migration here.


Runner 3.0.20    

Note: If you are running CircleCI Server, you will need version 4.4.3 of server to take advantage of these runner features.

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Runner Release 3.0.19     

Runner Release

  • Fix bug causing the kube-api server to sometimes prematurely terminate task pods for containerized jobs.
  • Improve Task Lifecycle step with dynamic Kubernetes pod lifecycle status for containerized jobs. Providing more detailed information on each step in the lifeycle, making it easier to debug issues if they arise.

Runner 3.0.18    


  • Fixed a bug where the Task lifecycle and service container steps appear to run indefinitely, even after the task has already completed.

Runner 3.0.17    

  • Log duration for downloads of a task-agent binary initiated by the runner agent are output to local downloads. This should help with troubleshooting issues when customers are experiencing problems downloading agents.
  • Fix bug where failed task Pods weren’t removed on task cleanup and had to wait for garbage collection, wasting customers’ cluster resources.
  • Additional security patches.

Runner 3.0.16 Release    

Critical security fix

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Runner 3.0.15    

Container Runner SSH Rerun (Preview)

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