The leading CI/CD tool for iOS and Android app development

Powerful optimization features on CircleCI get your apps approved sooner, so you can get to market faster.

Deliver apps to your customers with speed and confidence

Our config-as-code framework
enables rapid iteration

Storing CI/CD configuration with your source code gives you benefits like branch-level execution, code collaboration, and traceability.

Build a 5-star presence on the app stores

CircleCI helps mobile developers earn positive reviews by shortening the time it takes to fix bugs and deliver new features.

The most secure code across
every operating system

CircleCI protects sensitive information across your delivery pipeline from source code, environment variables, runtime environment, and artifacts.

CircleCI for iOS

  • Homebrew, fastlane, Node.js, and CocoaPods come pre-installed.

  • Multiple Xcode versions ensure iOS jobs can run on the version your app needs.

  • Configure iOS jobs to match your development cycle using workflows.

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CircleCI for Android

  • The Android SDK, NDK, Google Cloud, and Ruby for fastlane come pre-installed.

  • The CircleCI Android machine image supports nested virtualization and x86 emulators for UI testing.

  • Configurable workflows give complete control over approval of releases to the Google Play store.

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It’s easy to switch to CircleCI

Pre-built integrations, image support, and more make mobile app development fast and efficient.

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How does CI/CD deliver value to mobile
development teams?

CircleCI enables mobile developers to deliver code more frequently and reliably to get their apps into the hands of customers sooner.

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What is CI/CD for iOS?

With CircleCI, iOS developers can easily catch and resolve bugs before submitting to the App Store and deploying to end users. iOS development teams can optimize their App Store presence by capturing user feedback faster and launching immediate updates using CircleCI.

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What is CI/CD for Android?

With CircleCI, Android developers can automatically build and test changes each time they push new code. Android development teams can easily run emulator tests with our Android machine image and leverage advanced caching, pre-installed tools, and configurable workflows.

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Leading mobile-first companies use CircleCI
for fast, reliable CI/CD