Winning businesses
are powered by effective,
fast-moving software teams.

The world’s best software teams rely on CircleCI to accelerate their engineering velocity, confidently and at scale.

For the past decade, CircleCI has been bringing intelligent change validation to engineering teams.

Software is still eating the world

User expectations for quality are sky-high. Teams are shipping faster but software development has never been more complex.

The challenge teams face

The way we build today is more interconnected than ever. Sources of change no longer exist solely in a repository, making it impossible for a single developer to understand the entire process.

Where CircleCI comes in

CircleCI manages every source of change so teams can have confidence in their code. That confidence is the foundation for speed.

Not your average CI/CD

CI/CD is the heartbeat of your engineering team. That’s why we spend all our time here. The best software teams know that speed, focus, and consistency of delivery make the difference between good and great.

How our customers win

Your developers’ time is too important to waste. No other CI/CD platform takes performance as seriously as we do — just ask our customers.

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We build experts here

You may not be a CI/CD expert when you first sign up for CircleCI, but our team will invest in your development to get you there. Teams that are average at CI operate at an elite level when they use CircleCI.

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Where we lead

CircleCI team members working from home CircleCI team members working from home

What it means to be on our team

CircleCI was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco, with employees based in 8 countries globally.

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CircleCI team member working from home

Meet the CircleCI leadership team

Photo of Jim Rose Jim Rose
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Rob Zuber Rob Zuber
Chief Technology Officer
Photo of Chitra Balasubramanian Chitra Balasubramanian
Chief Financial Officer
Photo of JP Leblanc JP Leblanc
SVP, Engineering
Photo of June Ko June Ko
Chief Legal Officer
Photo of Tom Trahan Tom Trahan
SVP, Business Development