Seamless GitHub Integration

Merge into master with confidence and reduce the time it takes your team to get a five-star product into users’ hands. Integration with GitHub works seamlessly with CircleCI’s continuous integration and delivery workflow.

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Quick and Easy Setup

Using inference logic, CircleCI automatically creates your build environment with nothing to install. CircleCI offers flexibility to customize your environment through the circle.yml file.

20-Second Setup

No plugins to install and no credentials to create. Quick and easy. If you have admin access to a project on GitHub, you can set it up on CircleCI in seconds. Log in via GitHub OAuth, then add the repositories you want to test.

Inference Build Logic

CircleCI automatically creates a read-only deploy key to check out your project and set up hooks to trigger builds on every push. Inference logic will come up with an intelligent default build and test steps automatically. Everything you commit to GitHub will be immediately and automatically tested on CircleCI.

Build and Test with Confidence

CircleCI’s GitHub integration and lets you play with your live code sooner. Once you’ve pushed to master and the tests pass, CircleCI will notify the endpoints you specify and deploy your code automatically.

Build Status Badge

Is there anything more satisfying than a little green checkmark? Passing build badges inspire confidence. Let others know right away when your new code is working by placing a build status badge on your GitHub README using a status API token and URL.

Merge with Confidence

CircleCI uses the GitHub Status API to post build statuses to your pull request pages on GitHub. When a pull request is made to a repo, CircleCI is watching on your behalf. The tests you’ve configured will run and display a result status you can use to determine whether or not you want to merge the request.

Simple Notifications

Once you have the results of a build, choose an external endpoint to notify: CircleCI can communicate test statuses via email, Slack, HipChat, IRC, Chatter, or run a custom script to post build results on behalf of a committing user.

Test Automagically

The GitHub hooks created upon setup will let CircleCI know when something is pushed to one of your branches. CircleCI picks up your commit in seconds and automatically runs your tests (or run the tests you defined in the circle.yml configuration file in the repo root).

A Better Way to Build and Deploy Applications with GitHub

1. Develop a feature on a local branch.

2. Move the feature to a corresponding branch on GitHub (don’t merge to master, yet).

3. Open a pull request.

CircleCI builds, runs, and tests Docker images in any configuration.

4. Run tests and check the pull request for a passed or failed notification.

5. Merge the feature branch into master.

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