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Software doesn't get built in a vacuum. There are a lot of moving pieces that all come together to get your app into your users' hands. CircleCI can turn your mishmash of development tools into a cohesive pipeline of speed and quality.

Source Code

Writing quality source code and managing it meticulously is vital to the software development process. We know that having a solid VCS is important to you, and we work hard to provide the smoothest possible integration between CircleCI and your source.


There's a good reason that GitHub has become the most popular hosted VCS around. It has awesome productivity and collaboration tools built in that let teams reach new heights. CircleCI fits right in by integrating with the GitHub Status API and providing quick links to any build on CircleCI to related commits and PRs. Learn more.


CircleCI integrates seamlessly with Atlassian Bitbucket, allowing professional teams to confidently build, test, and deploy their software. Teams on Bitbucket can start testing within minutes of signing up for CircleCI, making it easier and faster than ever to collaborate, scale, and release better software. Learn more.

GitHub Enterprise

Keep your source code behind your firewall or integrate GitHub and CircleCI authentication with your LDAP server or SAML identity provider. GitHub Enterprise and CircleCI Enterprise allow you to have all the functionality of CircleCI's cloud platform and within your own private network.


From unit tests with RSpec to integration tests using Docker Compose, you can run a staggering variety of test scenarios right on CircleCI. But if you need to give your test suite a little more oomph, check these test integrations that will take your CI process to the next level.

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs provides easy, Selenium-based, cross-browser compatibility testing. You can either point Sauce Labs browsers to a staging environment, or right at your CircleCI build using Sauce Labs' secure tunnel. Learn more about the Sauce Labs integration.


Send coverage data from builds on CircleCI to Coveralls. Tracking code coverage data over time allows your team to see how your test suite is, or isn't, keeping up with your code base.

Code Climate

Code Climate gives teams fully-configurable test coverage and maintainability data throughout the development workflow. Hook in your code coverage data from test runs on CircleCI to see coverage line by line within diffs and set up testing standards for your team.

And many more...

There are a lot more test tools and integrations available. Browse the documentation for more info.


CI is undoubtedly an asset to any development team, but CD (Continuous Delivery) lets teams really accelerate the development process. CircleCI lets you deploy to anything from your own datacenter to a Heroku cluster with a little customization. Some deployments options are so simple that you can set them up with only a line or two of YAML.


CircleCI seamlessly integrates with Heroku. Simple integration helps you improve your deployment workflow. Read more about just how easy it is to deploy from CircleCI to Heroku.


CircleCI allows you to easily manage your build, test, and deployment workflow with any Docker-based configuration. Learn more about CircleCI's Docker integration.

Anywhere you want...

CircleCI lets you deploy to just about any service with an API or any machine with sshd. See the documentation to learn more about all the deployment options available.



Improve your team’s workflow and ticket management with CircleCI’s integration with Jira. Plan, track, and release great software seamlessly through Jira and CircleCI.


Push all of your relevant build and test information from CircleCI directly into a room or conversation. CircleCI’s integration with HipChat by Atlassian allows your team to have open communication and transparent workflow.


Communicate your build and test information with CircleCI’s Slack integration. Send webhooks to Slack to send notifications when your builds complete.

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