Automate development pipelines
with Salesforce and CircleCI

Pre-built CI/CD integrations for SFDX.

Build and deploy Salesforce applications confidently and efficiently

Don’t waste time learning the required commands and syntax to configure, build, and deploy correctly.

  • Build VCS applications on commit and deploy the changes to a scratch organization

    Seamlessly generate CI/CD pipelines specifically for Salesforce apps with reusable configuration.

  • Run unit tests against the application and display results in the Salesforce UI

    Manage and gather insights for your application tests across your organization.

  • Automatically deploy changes to a production application

    Expedite your application’s time to production with automated deploys.


Continuous integration for Salesforce applications

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Configure Your Salesforce Environment for CircleCI

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Connect CircleCI to Your Salesforce DevHub

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Salesforce in your configuration

Execute pre-configured SFDX jobs in your CircleCI pipelines using orbs.

Diagram of Salesforce Orbs being used in CircleCI config

How does CircleCI integrate with Salesforce?

Simply use one of our partner orbs in your pipeline to build, test, and deploy Salesforce apps.

Wade Wegner
“The Salesforce Platform empowers developers to innovate fast, scale with confidence, and empower everyone at their organizations. The latest integrations with CircleCI will further provide our developer community with CI/CD tools to establish and automate their development processes.”

Wade Wegner
SVP of Product Management at Salesforce

Recommended Resources

Get involved: Submit your own feature requests or pull requests to the open source repo for the Salesforce SFDX Apex orb or the Salesforce SFDX CLI orb.