CircleCI and AWS

Next generation CI/CD with Amazon Web Services.

Build, test, and deploy with CircleCI and AWS

Deploy your code to AWS

Save time by using orbs to quickly deploy to AWS. Use our Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, or AWS Lambda integrations, Deploy with AWS CodeDeploy, or explore one of our other AWS integrations.

Install CircleCI on your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Run CircleCI in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud to give your team complete control over your security. Contact the Enterprise Team for details.

Manage your development process from source code to runtime with CircleCI and AWS

  • Deploy to AWS from your CI pipeline

    Deploy your applications to a variety of AWS services, including Amazon ECS, Amazon ECR, Amazon EKS, AWS S3, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, and more.

  • Integrate into any AWS toolset

    Interact with any AWS service from the command line interface (CLI), such as when working with the AWS CLI, Terraform, Puppet or Cloudformation.

  • Integrations designed for security

    CircleCI is the only CI/CD platform to become FedRAMP authorized and SOC-2 compliant. Teams can use our AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store integration to centrally manage secrets and environment variables.

AWS in your configuration

Execute pre-configured AWS operations in your CircleCI pipelines using orbs.

Image of a config.yml file showing how the AWS orbs work within the CircleCI pipeline.

Will Plourde
“We can move and react faster with CircleCI and AWS, and help our customers transform their businesses.”

Will Plourde
CTO at Returnalyze

Henrik Helenius
“CircleCI and AWS have helped us automate and scale our platform. The support we received has inspired us to continue building out our platform, gain more insights from our data, and serve more customers.”

Henrik Helenius
Co-founder at Droppe

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