Seamless CI/CD integration with Atlassian Bitbucket

CircleCI is now available for Bitbucket! Your team can build and test code with confidence using Bitbucket. CircleCI integrates seamlessly with Bitbucket to make your development workflow more efficient.

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Quick and easy setup

CircleCI automatically creates your build environment using inference logic with the flexibility to customize as needed so you can start testing within minutes.

Get set up in seconds

Quick and easy implementation. No plugins to install or credentials to create. With admin access to a project on Bitbucket, you can get set up in seconds.

We know your build environment

CircleCI creates an intelligent default build through inference logic. Test steps will run and everything you commit to Bitbucket will be tested on CircleCI automatically.

Start testing with confidence

CircleCI allows you to have confidence in the code you ship. The seamless Bitbucket integration, currently in beta, allows you to connect all of the necessary endpoints to deploy your code automatically.

Status badge and notifications

Let your team know right away when your build is successful with status badges. Send notifications via email, Slack, HipChat, IRC, Chatter, or run a custom script to post build results to keep the lines of communication open.

Easy and automatic integration

No need to worry about creating the right build environment. The Bitbucket hooks created at setup will let CircleCI know when something is committed and automatically test.

Integrate with your Atlassian Stack

CircleCI is the only continuous integration and delivery platform that integrates with your Atlassian workflow stack of Bitbucket, HipChat, and Jira.

Jira Integration

CircleCI’s support for Atlassian JIRA allows teams to plan, track, and release great software. With CircleCI for JIRA, DevOps teams can create tickets directly from your build page to improve workflow and ticket management.

HipChat Notification

CircleCI’s integration with HipChat by Atlassian allows software teams to interact with and bring contextual information from CircleCI directly into HipChat. With CircleCI and HipChat, teams are able to pull all the relevant and important information from CircleCI directly into a room or conversation.

Casey Link
Software Developer at Cropster
“Switching to CircleCI eradicated the time sink of maintaining our own build cluster. With CircleCI's top-line support for git and BitBucket, our developers spend more time reviewing code and writing tests, and less time waiting for builds to complete.”
Terence McDevitt
Enterprise Content Management Solution Architect at Blue Fish Group
“CircleCI has allowed our development teams to focus more on our solutions and less on our DevOps. We were up and running builds out of our Bitbucket repositories within minutes of signing up. I wish we had this years ago.”

A better way to build and deploy applications with Bitbucket

1. Create a new branch.

2. Add a new commit.

3. Open a pull request.

4. Run tests and check the pull request for a passed or failed notification.

5. Check the status of your build.

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