CircleCI and Google Cloud Platform

Advanced CI/CD for GCP.

Easily integrate your CI/CD pipeline with your GCP infrastructure

  • Faster configuration setup for new adopters

    Simplify automated deployments to GCP in minutes with our out-of-the-box integrations. Use our suite of orbs to deploy directly from your CI/CD pipeline to container-based applications on GCP.

  • Pre-built integrations for cutting edge technology

    Adopt GCP's newest services without complicated ramp-up. Orbs provide a fully supported serverless model for tools like Google Cloud Run, and provide simple integrations into modern technologies like Google Binary Authorization.

  • Fully supported end-to-end testing

    Easily spin up, test, and tear down GCP resources for full end-to-end testing. Build, test and deploy confidently with flexible, scalable, future-proof integrations.

GCP orbs in your configuration

Execute pre-configured GCP operations in your CircleCI pipelines using orbs.

Image of how CircleCI works. CircleCI’s orchestration server processes builds based on the YAML file. The YAML file contains GCP orbs that resolve during runtime. Using instructions from the GCP orb, CircleCI deploys to the Google Cloud Platform.