The flexibility to use any execution environment

CircleCI’s cloud-hosted platform has the compute options you need, whether you’re building mobile apps or self-driving cars.

Cloud-hosted compute

No maintenance overhead

Using our cloud-hosted compute means that your team can focus on shipping code instead of maintaining infrastructure.

Clean environments

We run every one of your jobs in a clean virtual machine and destroy it when you’re done.

Configurable resources

One size doesn’t fit all. Resource classes allow you to configure the processing power available for each of your jobs.


  • Native support for building inside Docker containers with x86 and Arm.
  • Use our convenience images or pull from any public or private registry.

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Linux VM

  • Run on a Linux VM with full control over OS resources.
  • Run emulators to build Android apps.

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  • Fully managed macOS virtual machines.
  • Build for all Apple platforms including iOS, watch OS, and tvOS.

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  • Build and test applications for Windows platforms.
  • Use Powershell, Bash, or cmd.

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  • Linux and Windows VMs equipped with GPUs for heavy computation.
  • Build complex code for artificial intelligence, machine learning, gaming, and more.

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Arm VM (Linux)

  • Run jobs on Arm without maintaining your own infrastructure.
  • Test and deploy systems to Arm infrastructure like AWS Graviton2.

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Self-hosted runner

Expand your compute options to meet your most unique CI/CD needs.

  • Select which jobs run on your own infrastructure and which run in CircleCI Cloud.
  • Connect to private networks, monitor the operating system, and much more.
  • Build on a variety of compute types using one our two self-hosted runners.

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