Self-hosted runner

Use your own infrastructure to run jobs.

Choose self-hosted runner if your team is looking for:

Privileged access & controls

Get more control over the environment for your jobs:

  • Connect to private networks
  • Monitor the operating system
  • Restrictions using static IPs
  • IAM permissions

Unique platform support

Build what you want, where you want. Runner supports:

  • Embedded systems
  • Custom compute types
  • Pre-installed licensed software

Use self-hosted runner alongside CircleCI Cloud hosted compute

Save engineering time by eliminating maintenance overhead.

See available execution environments

How self-hosted runner works:

Step 1 Runner software is installed on your machines.
Step 2 The runner polls CircleCI for jobs.
Step 3 Status and output are reported back to CircleCI and appear in the UI.

Install self-hosted runner your way

CircleCI’s self-hosted runner is available in both machine and container execution environments, which enables you to build and test on a wider variety of architectures, as well as have additional control over the environment.

Machine runner

Use a virtual or physical machine environment with machine runner.

Learn more

Container runner

Use a Kubernetes environment to run containerized CI/CD jobs.

Learn more

Need everything on your own infrastructure?

Learn how to get the power of CircleCI on-premises.

Learn About Server

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