If it works in Docker,
it works on CircleCI

Complete flexibility to run any Docker command so you can ship faster than ever before.

Developers that build in Docker use CircleCI for maximum efficiency

The best tools for the job

  • The flexibility to choose the resource class that matches the CPU and RAM you need on each individual job.

  • Ship faster by completing runs on hundreds of Docker tasks at once using parallelism and test splitting.

Optimize developer time

  • Get faster image downloads using CircleCI’s pre-built Docker convenience images.

  • Docker layer caching means unchanged layers of your Docker image are reused and readily accessible for maximum speed.

Easily customize images

  • Tailor your execution environments by creating and using Docker images designed by your team.

  • Start with a pre-built convenience image and build your own image on top of it for complete customization.

How to run a Docker build on CircleCI

Step 1
Define a job in your configuration file
Step 2
Specify the Docker executor
Step 3
Select your Docker image. This can be a CircleCI convenience image or your own image
Step 4
Run your job! 🎉
Explore the docs
version: 2.1
      - image: cimg/base:stable
      - checkout
      - run:
          name: say hello
          command: echo "hello!"
      - my-job


See what our customers are saying about building with Docker on CircleCI

  • "From simple setup and easy integration across GitHub, Chat apps, Docker (and more) to the ability to deploy to different environments from production, QA, and staging, CircleCI has proven to be completely indispensable for our business."

    customer picture

    Toshimasa Ishibashi

    Co-founder and CTO, Kaizen Platform
  • "The fact is that in today’s world, companies need to make merge time to deploy time as short as possible. When looking for a CI solution that can scale really quickly, parallelize, distribute and optimize the run time in the split—and manage Docker as a first class citizen to help us manage the many systems inside — CircleCI comes out on top."

    customer picture

    Rob Witoff

    Former Director of Infrastructure & Security, Coinbase
  • "Workflows + Docker caching are great with CircleCI. I’m pumped about what we can do with this! Our Docker build times have gone from ~12 minutes to less than 2 minutes on CircleCI. Fan-freaking-tastic."

    customer picture

    Josh Dover

    Senior Software Engineer, CrateJoy

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