Build for Arm on CircleCI

Build, test, and deploy applications for Arm without ever managing your own CI/CD infrastructure.

Why use Arm on CircleCI?

Future-proof your business

As Arm rapidly gains popularity, building on Arm machines allows you to prepare for the next generation of devices.

Amplify performance and efficiency

Arm processors deliver significant performance improvements without sacrificing power or increasing cost.

Freedom to develop anywhere

Make it easy for your developers to test and deploy systems to Arm infrastructure like AWS Graviton2.

How to use Arm compute on CircleCI

Step 1
Define a job in your configuration file
Step 2
Use the resource class key to run your job on Arm compute
Step 3
Run your job! 🎉
Read the docs
version: 2.1
      image: ubuntu-2004:202101-01
    resource_class: arm.medium
      - run: uname -a
      - run: echo "Hello, Arm!"

      - build-medium