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Part 2: Getting the Most out of Docker and Workflows

Learn the basics about workflow and how you can get faster builds.

Bringing Digital Transformation to the Enterprise

Learn why it’s important that big organizations are now paying attention to CI.

Deep Diving into CircleCI Workspaces

Learn how you can use Workspaces to persist data in Workflows.

Learn how to sell your team on CI/CD

A step-by-step guide to updating legacy processes in your org.

Case studies

Cruise Automation

The technology powering driverless cars at Cruise.


Continuous Delivery with Golang and Docker.

Dollar Shave Club

Rapidly growing men’s grooming home delivery service, Dollar Shave Club, trusts CircleCI to deliver quality results for their web and mobile test and deployment processes.

How Procore builds software that builds the world with CircleCI

Learn how Procore uses CircleCI to eliminate queuing and speed up builds.

White papers

A Rational Guide to Testing in Production

What does it really mean to test in production? And what does it cost to do it well? In this ebook, CircleCI CTO Rob Zuber will explore these questions and more.

GigaOm’s key criteria for CI/CD: CircleCI

Learn why CircleCI stands out on build efficiency and innovation, and why it is the best fit for modern teams.

The Data-Driven Case for CI: What 30 Million Workflows Reveal About DevOps in Practice

Find out why a focus on CI helps teams rapidly deliver quality code and consistently reach higher performance standards.

Leading Your Team to DevOps Maturity

Learn how to move your team up the DevOps maturity ladder with real-world advice from CircleCI CTO, Rob Zuber.

Lessons on Hiring, Career Growth, and Managing a Distributed Team

Discover how technical leaders find the best talent and how they keep their employees motivated to learn and grow.

Software Testing for DevOps-Driven Teams

Learn how to run efficient, in-depth software tests to help your team ship higher-quality code.

Forrester Names CircleCI a Leader

Learn why Forrester names CircleCI a Leader in their evaluation of cloud-native continuous integration tools.

5 Key Metrics You Should Know

Increase the speed and reliability of your team by understanding these key indicators.

Velocity Report: Best Practices for Improving Engineering Productivity

Read more about 3 metrics to measure velocity, and learn best practices from leading engineering teams.

A Brief History of DevOps

A journey through the history of software engineering, from its roots in waterfall development, through to Agile, CI and CD.

The Building Blocks of DevOps Culture

Learn what top teams are doing differently from the rest, and how to create an environment in which your DevOps organization can thrive.

Big Book of Workflows

View examples and config files from 8 different open source projects so you can see how real development teams are using workflows.

Gigaom 2018 DevOps Report

Learn the drivers, pain points, and contextual factors that make DevOps both essential and difficult to achieve in larger organizations.


What is Continuous Integration and Why is it Important?

Learn continuous integration basics and common challenges that teams encounter. (30:01 min)

Getting Started with Pre-Built Docker Images

Learn how to use the official CircleCi pre-built Docker container images in your 2.0 config files. (5:18 min)

How to Install CircleCI on an Amazon EC2 Instance

Learn how to install CircleCI behind your firewall for self-hosted continuous integration. (7:21 min)

Continuous Integration: What’s the point?

MPJ at Fun Fun Function discusses avoiding the monster merge through continuous integration. (15:08 min)

Getting started with CircleCI - Continuous Integration P2

MPJ at Fun Fun Function demonstrates how to get started with CircleCI. (24:38 min)

Isolating Microservices Without Sacrificing Velocity

Hear from CTO Rob Zuber in his 2017 GitHub Universe 2017 address. (37:49 min)


Automate Storage of Encrypted Keys and Secrets

With just 5 lines of YAML, you can seamlessly integrate your builds with our vault. (21:47 min)

Trace Commits to Issue Tracker Tickets

Quickly implement an automatic policy check on every build (26:51 min)

Automating Kubernetes CI/CD Pipeline

Deploy your applications to Nirmata-managed Kubernetes clusters on any cloud. (30:54 min)

Simplify End-to-End API Development

Learn how to create a postman collection and set up a CircleCI pipeline to run that collection using the Newman orb.. (1:00:02 min)

Migrating from CircleCI 1.0 to 2.0

View a step-by-step overview of the migration process from CircleCI 1.0 to 2.0 along with key best practices. (43:29 min)

Remove Risk from Product Launches

Learn how GoPro ensured a successful release for GoPro Plus with CircleCI and LaunchDarkly. (42:24 min)

Enabling Continuous Delivery with CircleCI and Rollbar

Listen to a discussion on continuous integration best practices and pitfalls. (56:24 min)

Build, Test, and Deploy React Native Projects on CircleCI

View a live demo and tutorial on setting up a build, test, and deploy pipeline for React Native projects. (30:11 min)'s Approach to Testing

Learn how approaches testing throughout the product development cycle with CircleCI and Sauce Labs. (1:00:25 min)

Container Security and Compliance in Your Build Pipeline

Integrate Anchore into your build pipeline on CircleCI and automate static analysis on container images. (57:35 min)

Easily Integrate End-to-End Web Application Testing

Run your tests in a variety of environments and write and validate your configurations with the CircleCI CLI. (48:48 min)

Automate and Secure Your Mobile Development Pipeline

Learn how your organization can speed mobile app development by optimizing workflows and incorporating security. (35:06 min)

Making Code Coverage Easy

Learn how to quickly use Codecov with CircleCI using the Codecov orb. (27:53 min)

Visual Testing in Your CI/CD workflow

Integrate visual testing into your CI/CD workflow with the Percy orb.

Executing Your Test Suites with Ease

Learn how to get your browser based tests up and running quickly with the Ghost Inspector orb on CircleCI.

Prevent visual regressions before they reach production

Learn how you can run cross-browser screenshot tests directly with CircleCI using the Happo orb.

Achieve maximum productivity in your CI/CD workflow

Learn how you can preview cloud infrastructure changes or deploy updates directly from your CircleCI configuration.

Enable cloud native cybersecurity for CI/CD

Learn how you can easily integrate Twistlock vulnerability and compliance issue scans into your CircleCI workflows.

Slash debugging time across your full product cycle

Easily debug your build and test flows’ code. Add non-breaking breakpoints without writing a single line of code!

Shifting left: security through automation

Bake security into your dev pipeline to ensure that your applications are secure throughout the development cycle.

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