Today, we announced that CircleCI has raised a $100 million Series E funding round, led by IVP with Sapphire Ventures also participating, bringing our total amount raised to $215 million.

I’d like to personally thank our customers, team, partners, and everyone else who has helped us deliver on our mission of building the best continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) tool on the market. This new funding will help CircleCI continue our global growth while investing more in our product and our customers.

When we announced our Series D funding last July, we said we’d put that money towards CircleCI’s growth as a platform, improving our core product and global expansion. Since then we’ve seen:

  • An increase in overall usage. CircleCI currently processes over 1.8 million jobs per day. We’ve also seen a 200 percent increase in credit consumption in the last eight months.

  • The recent launch of CircleCI insights endpoints. The endpoints show metrics such as how long a build ran, mean time to recovery, change failure rate, and whether a build is passing or failing.

  • The addition of Windows support. By adding Windows into CircleCI’s set of supported execution environments (Linux, Docker, macOS) teams can run jobs across multiple platforms on a single workflow and achieve even more flexibility over their development pipelines.

  • An increase in orb adoption. Orbs bundle CircleCI configuration into reusable packages that enable users to perform thousands of out-of-the-box use cases without the need for complex configuration. Today, more than 22,000 organizations have integrated CircleCI orbs into 65,000 repositories and nearly 18 million CI/CD pipelines.

  • The opening of a London office. Which establishes CircleCI’s greater presence in EMEA.

  • The addition of thousands of new customers including American Express and Greenhouse.

We’re also welcoming Cack Wilhelm from IVP to our board of directors. Cack was previously a partner at Accomplice, a leading seed and early-stage venture firm, and also a principal at Scale Venture Partners, where she worked with us on previous funding rounds. Her experience and knowledge of the space will be instrumental in helping guide CircleCI forward. We’re incredibly excited to have her on our team.

A growing market for DevOps

When CircleCI launched in 2011, CI/CD was a niche practice for a small subset of cutting-edge tech teams. Today, CI/CD and DevOps tools, in general, are table stakes for every engineering team at companies of all sizes. Virtually any company that has an app or service online uses DevOps practices, including our customers like NPR, Ford, Citigroup, Aetna, and Unilever.

At the center of all this is CI/CD, the key that unlocks agility for organizations. CircleCI powers innovation by automating build, test and delivery processes so teams can ship software faster and safer. As software development becomes more complex, change has become a massive supply chain problem that every engineering team has to deal with. Validating change is the lifeblood of everything developers do and CircleCI eliminates the challenges associated with it.

And it’s still early. The DevOps tools market is roughly $4 billion today and estimated to grow to $15 billion by 2026. As more of the tasks and duties of our physical world translate online – retail experiences, supply chain and logistics, autonomous vehicles – DevOps will continue to grow and the need for developer tools that can power rapid product development at scale will further fuel the growth of this market.

“We were early investors in the DevOps market, so it’s exciting to see it continue to grow and mature,” said Andy Vitus, partner at Scale Venture Partners. “CircleCI’s rapid growth over the past several years proves how DevOps practices like CI/CD enable companies to innovate on the tools they use to build richer products at scale.”

This funding allows us to invest in our business, our platform, and our vision. Not only will it allow us to continue to build the best product possible for our customers, but also invest in our customer success and customer engineering teams to ensure support for users as they work to make their organizations more nimble and innovative.

Coping with uncertainty

We’re in a new, unprecedented time in our world’s history where almost everything in life – and certainly in business – is swimming in uncertainty. The market is changing every day and the top priority for nearly every business today is simply staying in front of it.

This entirely new environment also means that nearly every day will bring with it a new “normal.” Empathy and understanding have always been two of CircleCI’s most important values, and within the context of the current uncertainty, they become even more crucial. Listening to our customers, understanding their changing needs, and figuring out what we can do to be a great partner for them will be the core of our shared success during these times.

Complex questions are going to require complex solutions and the more we work together with everyone inside our ecosystem, the easier it will be to find those solutions.

We’re excited to see what’s next for us, our customers, and the engineering teams across the world who use CircleCI every day. I’d like to thank them again for believing in us. We can’t wait to return the favor by helping them build great things both now and in a brighter future.