How are elite software teams in Europe building in 2023?

We analysed nearly 15 million CircleCI workflows to find out what sets the best teams apart. In this report, we break down the benchmarks that the highest-performing software teams of 2023 are meeting, and offer practical recommendations on how to incorporate these metrics into your team’s software delivery practice.

This edition provides a snapshot of the European technology market and offers insight into how software teams in Europe are performing compared to global averages. Download the report to discover:

  • The median values for duration, time to recovery, success rate, and throughput in the UK, Germany, EMEA, and globally
  • The one metric that reveals the most about your organisation’s ability to bounce back from failure
  • Recommendations for teams of all sizes and stages to accelerate delivery and quality
  • A deep dive on the emergence of platform teams, with specific guidance on how platform engineers can enhance performance on 4 key metrics across the teams they support
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