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Ron Powell

Ron Powell

Senior Manager, Marketing Insights and Strategy

Ron has a background in space physics, having worked as a Cassini team member analyzing plasmas trapped in Saturn’s magnetosphere. He now works for CircleCI in San Francisco, Calif. as a Technical Content Marketing Manager producing content that enables developers to build, test, and deploy their projects faster. Previously, he was a developer evangelist at Samsung Electronics, America where he specialized in 360-degree video production and developing applications for virtual reality hardware, wearables, and IoT.

A graph shows an alert when costs in the cloud get too high.
A grid of colorful stylized charts, graphs, and UI elements
A Jenkins pencil draws the left half of a pipeline contraption, while a green CircleCI pencil completes the drawing on the right.
A series of green dots represents commits to main, while a branch points to a single commit representing a Git detached HEAD
A small U-shaped workflow is next to a larger W-shaped workflow, each containing similar graphic elements.
Stylized computer screens and code are placed randomly on a light green background.
Stylized computer screens and code are placed randomly on a green background.
 A stylized computer tower projects images of virtual machines.
Stylized mid-construction path with a warning over one tile, which is too small to cover its section.
Multiple workers manipulate stylized blocks that make up a single stylized work table.
Two columns, one blue and one green, show parallel deployments. To the right, a few items from a group are highlighted, showing a canary deployment.
A series of vertical pipelines with lock mechanisms at various heights, each decorated with a large symbol.
Two pairs of developers work separately and together to exchange ideas and messages about a project.
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