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On-demand GPUs

Supercharge model delivery with fast, reliable cloud GPUs. Combine with your own infrastructure for the ultimate flexibility and control.

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Fast feedback

Get real-time feedback on model behavior and eliminate the need for extensive manual evaluations. Iterate quickly and boost collaboration between developers and domain experts.

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Continuous training

Monitor, analyze, and adapt to user interactions and model outputs in production. Rapidly refine prompts and data sources based on customer insights.

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Frequently asked questions

LLM stands for “Large Language Model.” LLM applications leverage the power of AI and natural language processing to deliver more intelligent, context-aware user experiences. They can greatly enhance your product’s capabilities and user satisfaction.

Building LLM-powered applications can be complex due to the need for advanced language models, data preprocessing, prompt engineering, and model fine-tuning. Managing these intricacies and reducing the need for time-consuming manual efforts is crucial for success.

CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) streamlines the development process by automating repetitive tasks, ensuring consistent code quality, and providing a reliable pipeline for testing and deployment. This is particularly valuable in managing the complexities of LLM app development. Seamlessly integrate data sources, model evaluation tools, test suites, and deployment targets into a unified workflow for faster, more efficient app development.

Yes. CircleCI offers the widest selection of hosted execution environments, including GPUs to handle your most demanding AI workloads. Combine with your own custom infrastructure using self-hosted runners and take advantage of unlimited parallelism and dependency caching for lightning-fast workflows.

CircleCI integrates seamlessly with popular model repositories, deep learning frameworks, observability tools, and cloud platforms, allowing you to leverage your preferred tools and workflows throughout your development cycle.

Building your own model instead of leveraging off-the-shelf options? CircleCI has solutions for you, too. Learn more about CircleCI for machine learning.

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