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Container runner version 3.0.7

What’s New

  • Add lifecycle pre-stop command to gracefully terminate task agent on shutdown
  • Ensure all Task lifecycle step events can be sent, even on shutdown of the agent and the context is cancelled
  • Don’t delete the task pod if task agent is still running
    • This is related to issue The remotecommand package may not always handle network disconnects on the exec command, returning a nil error. Therefore, we don’t delete the task pod in this case, giving a chance for the task to complete in an “orphaned” state.
  • Prevent Task lifecycle step output from being lost during long-running jobs
  • Improve task cleanup liveness check robustness and add extra logging
  • Fix draining and cleanup of a task on shutdown of the runner agent
  • Use stricter task pod config parsing with more helpful error messaging

Previous changes

DLC cache purge