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Organization Homepage correctly shows Releases credits    

The “Plan” card on the “Organization Homepage” in the CircleCI web app was not including credits charged for using CircleCI’s Releases functionality. This has been fixed.

"Plan" badge updated on User Homepage    

When one organization shares a plan with another organization, the plan tier of the parent organization is now shown instead of showing “Free” on the “User Homepage” (/home) of the CircleCI web app.

Browser page titles fixed    

On certain pages of the CircleCI web app, the organization ID was shown in the title of the page in the browser instead of the actual title of the page. This has been fixed.

Minor enhancement to "User Homepage" of CircleCI web app    

The “User Homepage” of the CircleCI web app now has a smoother transition when a user clicks on a card.

Minor changes to "Organization Home" in CircleCI web app    

The “project cards” on the “Organization Home” of the CircleCI web app now say “< 1 minute ago” instead of “less than one minute ago” to avoid wrapping onto the second line of the card.

CircleCI VSCode Extension 2.8.4 released    

Download the latest version here. This release includes minor maintenance improvements.

CircleCI web app updated to be more readable when a user is not logged in    

If a user is not logged in to CircleCI but is attempting to view something in the CircleCI web app, the left-hand navigation’s text is now readable. It was previously using a font color that made it unreadable.

Updated messaging in CircleCI web app when a user is suspended    

Users will now see a message in the CircleCI web app requesting that they submit a form if they have been marked as suspended for suspected abuse in order to have the suspension removed.

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"Go back" button bug fixed    

When a user clicked “Go back” from the flow to create a project with CircleCI’s GitHub App or GitLab integrations, the web app would not redirect the user back to the previous page that they were on. This has now been fixed.

"Create Project" button design updated across CircleCI web app for consistency    

The “Create Project” button in the CircleCI web app has been updated to look the same in every occurence of the button for consistency.