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Fixed bug when using multiple configuration files    

Users of CircleCI’s GitHub App integration can now successfully use multiple configuration files within their project. See our community forum for more.

Fixed bug for creating new triggers    

We have fixed a bug that previously prevented users of CircleCI’s GitHub App integration from creating a new trigger from Project Settings

Increased in-app tooltip text size and line height    

We have increased the in-app tooltip text size and line height for accessible readability.

Estimated runtime tooltip behavior is now fixed    

Users were experiencing issues with the estimated runtime tooltip not displaying properly on the Dashboard tab. We have resolved this issue, so now when users hover over the ‘i’ icon under the Status column for a running pipeline, the tooltip will appear as intended.

Updated color for the parallel runs indicator    

The color of the parallel runs indicator on the Jobs page is now accessible to match the rest of our in-app failed status elements.

Modified the error message for a missing configuration file    

When we detect that a configuration file is missing, an error message is shown with a shortcut for you to add it.

Re-enabled the ability to log in with 'Public Repos Only' for existing GitHub organizations    

We added back the ability for users to select ‘Public Repos Only’ when logging into an existing GitHub organization.

Fixed the GitLab dropdown redirect functionality on the Create Project page     

We observed an issue where the GitLab dropdown was mistakenly redirecting users when switching between the two dropdown options. This has now been resolved.

Fixed the 404 error on our Japanese login page    

We fixed the 404 error that occurred when users were navigating to our Japanese login page.

Outdated alert removed from Organization Settings UI    

We have removed the outdated ‘temporary expanded access’ alert banner from the Audit log card on the Organization Settings > Security page.