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Machine Runner 3.0 Released

Machine runner 3.0 is now Generally Available, providing improvements to usability, setup, and maintenance of machine runners.

Container runners and machine runners are now built using the same framework. Launch agent users will need to upgrade to the new application, but existing container runner installations will not require any additional action.

Faster feature enhancements: We’ll now bring many network resilience feature enhancements to both types of self-hosted runners (machine and container).

Improved usability: With more uniform logs and metrics, CircleCI’s machine runners ensure consistent and reliable performance and a seamless experience for users regardless of their runner setup.

Setup and maintenance: CircleCI’s machine runner 3.0 simplifies the setup and maintenance process by offering convenient packages that allow you to easily integrate with your preferred cloud templating tools.

Linux, macOS, and Windows support is available. See all the details on the runner documentation.

Machine Runner 1.1 variants will be supported through March of 2024, giving you time to plan a migration.

View our documentation to upgrade.

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